Novomatic sees sales surpass €2.5bn for the first time

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Gaming machine supplier and operator Novomatic has seen sales surpass €2.5bn for the first time, the company has announced.

The company, which now employees 25,500 worldwide, enjoyed EBITDA of €587m and cash flow of €419m. The firm released €1.1bn in prizes, it said in its report.

The group’s 2017 annual report showed that gaming operations increased revenues to €1.58bn compared with €1.32bn in the previous year, forming 63 per cent of the total revenue. Gaming technology contributed €937m, down slightly on the previous year when it was €947m.

Of the 25,536 Novomatic employees (up from 23,849), 3,300 are employed in the companies home country of Austria.

The company’s CEO, Harald Neumann, said that Spain was a major driver with a 50 per cent increase in sales, but that central Europe, Italy and the UK also performed well.

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