1xBet: Affiliates are essential to unlock LatAm’s great potential

1xBet LatAm affiliates
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After obtaining a license to operate in Mexico last year, 1xBet believes Latin America has great potential for development in 2021 – with affiliate partners being the key to unlocking it.


Casino Review: How has the LatAm market developed over 2020? Has its great potential begun to turn into results for 1xBet?

1xBet Team: In 2020, 1xBet received a license to operate in Mexico – a big step for a brand with ambitions in the Latin American market. It is not yet a year since we have been working here, but the results are encouraging.

The region as a whole has great potential for development due to a great love for sports. We are confident that a betting boom in Latin America is possible in the coming years.

CR: How vital are affiliates in 1xBet’s approach to the LatAm market? Is this reflected in your affiliate program?

1xBet Team: Affiliates are essential, no matter what region they represent. Our affiliate program offers the right conditions to everyone ready to help us promote the product.

The result is more than 30 thousand partners around the world, including Latin America. These are the owners of both large portals and small pages that help us communicate with our audience and attract new players.

At the SBC Awards-2019, we were named “Best Affiliate Product Innovation”. And this is the unconditional merit of our partners, for which we are grateful to them.

CR: What characteristics does the ideal affiliate have from 1xBet’s perspective? Have you found it easy to partner with such affiliates in the LatAm region?

1xBet Team: The ideal partner shares our brand’s values and philosophy, namely reliability, innovation, and desire to grow.

We really value feedback, adherence to rules, and mutual assistance. That is why we have thousands of partners that we value very much.

Including, these partners include affiliates from Latin America. We have never had any difficulties in communication and effective working relationships with them.

CR: Are you expecting any major trends or events in the LatAm market in 2021? Is it important to plan for such events and trends in coordination with affiliates?

1xBet Team: In recent years, Latin America has become a location for large-scale gambling events. We believe that this trend will not go anywhere, and we hope that in 2021 there will be an opportunity to meet live with those with whom we are in touch 24/7 online.

We believe that affiliates should receive feedback from us, including on upcoming events. This approach will allow you to better plan both the events themselves and your time.

At the end of the interview, we want to wish everyone a great holiday and look forward to new meetings and events in 2021! Exciting adventures await us, and therefore – join our partner community and earn with 1xBet!

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