1xBet Partners: Assisting affiliates in a mercurial market

1xBet Partners Affiliates

Responding rapidly to the lightning-fast market changes of 2020, 1xBet Partners has worked closely with its partners to see esports and slot games flourish via the operator’s award winning affiliate program.


Casino Review: What expectations have affiliate partners had for 1xBet this year, and how has the company risen to meet them?

1xBet Team: Over years of hard work, the 1xBet affiliate program has managed to gain a positive reputation with affiliates. Confirmation of this is the recent SBC award for “Best Affiliate Product Innovation”. It was always important for us to conduct a dialogue with partners, in order to fully understand their goals and expectations from cooperation with us.

We receive regular feedback from affiliates and we know that it is very important for them to cooperate with reliable brands that have a solid reputation. We share this principle and always try to raise the bar of quality in order to remain leaders within the industry.

The pause in sports has necessitated adjustments to affiliate marketing, but we have directed maximum efforts so that this situation affects partners minimally. Even in difficult times, you can discover new opportunities and potential for growth. For many affiliates, the potential of esports, casinos and slots has become more apparent. In the long run, the experience gained will help partners work more efficiently and target more than just sports fans.

CR: Over the last 12 months, how have player expectations changed?

1xBet Team: We follow the interests of players and can say that trends have some influence on their preferences.

Traditionally, interest in football is consistently high, but at the same time, we are seeing a significantly increased interest in esports – and this should only grow further in the future.

The interests of people are becoming more diverse, with their attention not solely focused on one thing. Therefore, it is important to offer them the most diverse product – TOTO, virtual sports, slots and other entertainment.

CR: When player expectations change quickly, how important is it that 1XBet reacts in coordination with its affiliate partners? Is communication key?

1xBet Team: Dialogue with partners is very important in such situations. Affiliates can always count on our feedback: 1xPartners actively reacts to any trends or force majeure circumstances that could affect the interests of our partners.

For example, some partners were taken aback by the pause in sports, but we turned their attention to the promising area of esports. 1xBet has long been cooperating with leading cyber teams and has launched many interesting thematic events. All this came to the rescue of affiliates who were looking for new solutions for themselves.

Many partners are now engaging with their audience about esports with positive results. Esports was a pleasant discovery for those who were bored without traditional sports. This interest was also supported by real tournaments with online battles. This was of interest to many, which helped partners receive well-deserved rewards.

A lot depends on the brand with which the affiliate program works. It is important not only to acquaint the partner with the brand’s vision but also to provide him with maximum variety. This way, it’s much easier to bring new players with various promotions, prizes and a wide selection of events. And in this aspect, a lot of work has been done.

CR: Esports and slot games have continued to grow in 2020 for many operators. Is this true for 1xBet, and how do you protect that growth going forward?

1xBet Team: Yes, there is indeed an increase in interest in slots and esports. In the future, interest in these forms of entertainment should continue to grow.

Every year there is more prize money, betting turnover and fans in esports. And, this area is still far from its peak of development and popularity. We can all recall a time when betting companies didn’t even have any lines for esports, but now it occupies a prominent place.

As for the slots, there is also a superb potential for growth. At 1xBet, they are actively working in this direction, striving for variety and a wide selection of games for the player. In turn, there are even greater opportunities for partners, because there are more and more people who want to try these games.

CR: How does 1xBet expect the market to shape up towards the end of the year?

1xBet Team: Technological progress continues unabated and much can change in the gaming industry. It is always interesting to integrate the latest technology into our work.

It is also important that the user always has the opportunity to use our product in a way that is convenient for him. Therefore, we are actively monitoring new devices used by players. We always strive to ensure that the product is as convenient and affordable as possible for everyone.

Most likely, the world will never be the same and the gaming sphere will not be an exception. Some processes will go online completely, and some may return to normal. For many, this period was a chance to realize bold ideas, and we accepted this challenge.

As for partners, we will always be ready to help them achieve their goals and quickly respond to market changes, no matter how lightning- fast those changes may occur.