1xSlots: Designed with the player in mind

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In a saturated market, 1xSlots innovative approach focusing on “What do players need?” has grabbed the attention of players, affiliates, and providers alike.

The online casino industry may be fairly young, but it continues to grow each year at an exponential rate. With an estimated profit of over $40bn in 2017, there has been a slew of new online casinos seeking their piece of the pie. Unfortunately, many new operators climb into the fray with generic, off the shelf products and a distinct lack of understanding in regards to the pace of the industry as a whole.

“As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, it both aids online casino profits and presents new challenges.

“Multi-faceted obstacles need to be faced by online casinos. An ever-widening audience has become more demanding – seeking the finest speed, quality and pro- motions. Offers that may have been fantastic a few short years ago are run of the mill in today’s marketplace.

“Yesterday’s groundbreaking slots and games are ordinary today. Compounding these problems is the fact that software needs to improve at a comparable rate to the hardware players use.”

One brand making an impact in this saturated market is 1xSlots. Realising that aggressive marketing alone is not sufficient, 1xSlots has made active development an ongoing goal. After implementing a solid yet fast platform, 1xSlots have been expanding each month by adding new slots and game providers on a regular basis.

The company attributes the main reasons for its success to its wide selection of over 3000 games; 24/7 customer support; great welcome and bonus offers; multiple fiat and cryptocurrency options; and rapid payouts.

“What do players need?” is a primary consideration for 1xSlots. The company’s innovative approach has grabbed the attention of players, affiliates, providers and rivals. In fact, similar to the offers and games of the past, older online casinos have lost plenty of their sparkle in the wake of new, forward-thinking brands like 1xSlots.

“We offer huge variety of content, as we think that diversity is something that improves player experience. And thus everyone get find what he likes. We’re also got into partnerships with such big names as Ezugi to create our own 1x live table experiences in different types of casino games.”

In terms of target markets, 1xSlots Casino takes a global perspective. The company’s website is available in more than 45 languages and offers multi languages support as well.
“Each GEO has its own unique way of playing, distinct needs and often local licences. For now we work under international licence, but we’re looking forward to expand.

“Evolve or die is a popular business mantra which is particularly relevant to the online casino industry. By acting on results of intensive market research, the brand has developed a customer-centric approach which is so often lacking in today’s marketplace.

“This, combined with a powerhouse product make 1xSlots a formidable competitor – and an attractive partner.”

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