Abbiati brings security focus to Macau

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Italy-based Abbiati Casino Equipment will be highlighting its combination of quality craftsmanship with the latest trends in innovation and IT at G2E Asia this May, the company’s CEO, Giorgio Abbiati explains.


Casino Review: Why is G2E Asia an ideal opportunity to showcase your solutions?

Giorgio Abbiati: G2E is one of the most relevant shows for the industry since its visited by attendees from all over the world and gives exhibitors the opportunity to reinforce their position in the market. Abbiati has been exhibiting in Macau for many years now, registering more and more positive feedback from customers each year. For our company, G2E Asia represents one of the most important opportunities to meet existing and potential customers personally and present our new products with their technical specifications directly.

The most successful and competitive product category for Abbiati in the Asian market is our range of casino currency solutions. Casino operators cannot overlook the high quality of Abbiati chips and plaques with high-end security features, as the PJM 3.0TM RFID of 13.56 MHz. This allows operators to have total visibility and information of all chips in play recording all chip movements in real time. Other key security features include innovative high security holograms, 3-in-1 UV security feature, Laser Tracer technology, Optical Variable Ink, just to name a few.

All the above security features can be applied to each casino currency range manufactured by Abbiati, such as the patented “Tie” chip line, featuring the multiple injection moulded, see-thru inserts and a combination of intricate and innovative rim and edge inserts. It is important to also mention Abbiati’s lines of plaques which offer crystal, customised filigree, customised hologram and new stripes’ collections, such as Silk Ribbon (mono and multi-colour), Glitter, Transparent Strass Silk, and Transparent Waves.

CR: What will be some of the other highlights on your stand at the show this year?

GA: Visitors to Abbiati’s stand will have the chance to see our brand new products featuring innovative technologies to satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of security and currency tracking at the gaming table.

We’ll highlight our ability to combine high-quality Italian manufacturing with the latest trends in innovation and IT to realise new, never-before seen products which provide the perfect solution for casinos’ VIP rooms worldwide.

CR: In your view, how is the APAC market changing in terms of trends and technological developments?

GA: What we have noted is an increased focus on security features for tracking casino currency to avoid manipulation and counterfeiting.

With this in mind, operators are looking for companies able to satisfy these new requests with products that anticipate the current trends in the market. As a company, Abbiati has always prided itself on its ability to offer a wide range of advanced products which address operators’ needs.

From their side, players are looking to spend their time in casinos which are differentiated by a unique atmosphere in which they can have a fresh experience.

Ensuring players are entertained during their visit to the casino is a crucial aspect for operators since this means an increase the time they spend at the table and consequently, an increase of the revenue for casinos.

During our R&D process, we keep both of these points in consideration and we are committed to offering gaming equipment that on the one hand is able to satisfy the needs of casino operators for technology and security but at the same time is attractive and experiential for players.

This applies not only to the new technologies we’ve included in our chips and plaques, but also to the new system integrated in all our gaming tables which allows casino management to track and oversee each table.

STAND: A519 AND A525

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