Abbiati conquer land and sea with focus on quality and security

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With 42 years experience, Abbiati has continued its drive to combine security and quality, outfitting casinos both on land in Macedonia and aboard the MSC Seaview with its range of anti-counterfeit innovations.

Casino equipment manufacturer Abbiati has announced several new Italian, and international, instalments for for its high-security table game product range.

Founded in 1976 as a creator of bespoke roulette tables, the Italian supplier now pioneers 13.56 MHz PJM RFID security features across its range of plaques, chips and jetons, as well as in-house advancements in roulette wheel security.

This year, following the tenth anniversary of the Novomatic Flamingo Casino, Macedonia, Abbiati replaced the venue’s original Abbiati roulette tables with a full range of GLI-25 certified Abbiati Professional American wheels.

The CMS-compatible products, which incorporate upgraded patented Class 1A invisible laser technology, and are able to connect to online gaming terminals through open protocol, also feature Winning Number Displays to increase customer engagement.

Alongside this land-based partnership, the company also recently undertook the full outfitting of MSC Seaview, launched in June of this year by Italian cruise operator MSC, following the installation of customised Abbiati gaming tables in its onboard casino.

As well as tables, Abbiati also provided the high technology vessel with its latest in casino currency, featuring patented security innovations such as three-in-one UV, Laser Tracer technology, Optical Variable Ink and high security holograms.

The security additions will allow casino management to incorporate chip security, real-time chip movement and player tracking into a high-visibility gaming model.
Abbiati’s casino currency developments have led to marked advances in chip security, following the manufacturer’s dedication to in-house research and development through an internal staff of engineers, as well as technical partner suppliers.

The firm’s patented Tie chips, which feature multiple injection manufacture, see-through inserts and intricate rim and edge inserts, have significantly reinforced Abbiati’s presence in the Asian market, where operators consider such features as a fundamental part of product reliability As well as embedded security features, the company’s plaque designs also enhance security, incorporating diamond and crystal inserts, or customised filigree and holograms.

The intricate stripe collection colourways such as mono and multi-colour Silk Ribbon, Glitter, Transparent Strass Silk and Transparent Waves are also designed specifically to prevent ease of counterfeiting.

The plaques, once intricately produced, can additionally be customised with real diamond and gold inserts, according to customer request, allowing casinos to offer a dedicated line of plaques for VIP rooms and players.

Though Abbiati have made substantial ground in developing market-leading chip security, the company also prides itself on maintaining its reputation for high-quality, bespoke manufacture, and characteristically Italian design.

The entirely customisable tables and game lay-outs, though technologically advanced, are still finished by hand, over 40 years since the formation of the company, by an internal team of craftsmen and designers.

Operators are able to modify each stage of the design, from base material options to table surface printing process, in order to entirely personalise the product, ensuring a balance between high-security advances and high-quality manufacture.

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