Abbiati Casino Equipment greets Juegos Miami with gusto

Abbiati Misty Rodda
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Bringing together operators and suppliers from all across Latin America, Juegos Miami offered Abbiati Casino Equipment the opportunity to make further inroads across the region.

Having seen consistent growth throughout the Caribbean, Abbiati has become a competitive supplier in the field, with sales in Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten, Antigua and Bonaire.

“We have an established business in the Caribbean but we would like to expand further into Latin American markets,” said Misty Rodda, Abbiati’s business development manager in the Americas. “We currently have business in Central America – in Panama and Guatamala – and we aim to continue this momentum, moving into South America.

“Coinciding with Juegos Miami, we’ve recently introduced our new table line, Abbiati by Americas, enabling us to offer the Americas the competitive pricing and quality synonymous with the Abbiati name.”


We see the benefits of developing strong relationships with our clients in the loyalty it builds towards our brands.


The popularity of table games varies from country to country, observes Rodda, but each island or market is different, with each being affected by cultural factors and player demand. “A number of Caribbean markets concentrate on roulette,” Rodda said. “For example, in Aruba you’ve got a mixture of roulette, blackjack and Caribbean stud poker.

“Our research has shown that in Latin America it’s mainly roulette, with some casinos operating up to 12 tables, in addition to punto banco. This contrasts with the US where there’s a heavier focus on blackjack and carnival games.”

Given such regional variations Abbiati works closely with its clients to coordinate the design aspects for their casinos. “Customer focus is key,” Rodda stated. “We see the benefits of developing strong relationships with our clients in the loyalty it builds towards our brands.”

Discussing the inaugural Juegos Miami show, Rodda said: “It was an impressive event. As with all first-time shows and exhibits, time will tell, but I saw this as a very well organised event and one that I hope continues in the years to come. I feel that the location was ideal, bringing old world elegance of the Biltmore Hotel and all it has to offer to the excitement of gaming operators and vendors to an ideal meeting place.”

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