Abbiati impresses with Italian innovation in Las Vegas

Abbiati innovation Las Vegas
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Casino Review spoke to Misty Rodda, Abbiati’s business development manager for the Americas, about some of the highlights in the company’s G2E presentation this year, including American Roulette – 18, the Performant K-Light Laser Wheel, and the company’s leading casino currency solutions.


Casino Review: Visitors to the Abbiati’s G2E stand had the opportunity to see American Roulette – 18, a new twist on the classic game. What does it bring to the table?

Misty Rodda: Roulette – 18, developed by game inventor Stephen Au-Yeung and distributed worldwide by Abbiati, brings a new and exciting variation to the traditional game of

Misty Rodda
Misty Rodda, Business Development for Americas, Abbiati Casino Equipment

roulette. From an operational standpoint it has a positive house percentage and at the same time offers something fun and different for the player. Roulette – 18 was very well received at both ICE London and at G2E Asia in Macau earlier this year, and in line with that we saw significant interest in Las Vegas too.

CR: What other products did Abbiati present at this year’s show?

MR: We showcased our innovative Performant K-Light Laser Wheel which has a new ball track profile that enables the roulette wheel to achieve higher level of performance and also increases security. Developed specifically to achieve low noise level, each spin of the ball has a smooth almost silent rotation. Alongside this, as a leader in security RFID chips, we featured the WDTS Perfect Counter cage solution by PJM for identifying and verifying our RFID Chips. As always, our casino currency solutions were displayed prominently on our stand at the show. At this year’s G2E we demonstrated our Holo-Prismatic “Tie” chip with high security on the decal, along with premium injection moulded chips, our Hybrid Chip, and our poker chips. It’s also important to note that all of our currency lines are customisable and offer a wide range of additional security features.

CR: Abbiati is widely know for the customisability of its products. What are some of your most popular table game finishes at the moment?

MR: Each casino is different in terms of interior design and the colour schemes they use, but our mahogany tables tend to lead the way. Abbiati is known for the rich colour of its natural wood finishes, and these have always been a perennially popular choice for our customers.

CR: Where has Abbiati seen success in the Americas this year?

MR: Abbiati has a strong presence in the Americas, especially in the Caribbean and Mexico. We also have a number of excellent business relationships in Aruba, Antiqua, St. Maarten, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, and with the region’s leading cruise lines such as NCL, Carnival, Crystal, and Day Cruises.

CR: Looking forwards, where will the focus be for Abbiati over the next couple of quarters?

MR: With 2020 just around the corner, our challenge is to further expand our global reach and strengthen our presence worldwide, taking advantage of the international growth the gaming business is currently experiencing. We’re focusing our attention on forging new partnerships with local operators, while on the product side we’re constantly developing new solutions and looking for new materials to meet our customers needs. Alongside our established presence as a casino equipment supplier for both the land-based and live gaming sectors, we’re also aiming to make further inroads in the cruise market which has always been very significant for us as a company.

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