Abbiati marks quarter of a century of ICE attendance

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With Abbiati’s appearance at ICE 2019 signifying 25 years of attendance, the table manufacturer will reveal a new selection of innovative products, with design elements still firmly rooted in its signature Italian craftsmanship.

Abbiati Casino Equipment will mark twenty five years off attendance at ICE 2019, with a continued focus on Italian design and a quality product portfolio.
The live casino equipment manufacturer will return to the London Excel centre to showcase the breadth of its popular range, as well as a range of brand new innovations for the exposition.
“We are so glad to continue exhibiting at ICE after 25 years and we want to celebrate it by exhibiting new products that our visitors have never seen before,” said founder and president Giovanni Abbiati.
“Our graphic and production departments are working on completely new solutions for casino equipment.”
Having committed to extensive research of new, refined and raw materials, alongside precious additions, the firm will showcase its full bespoke capability, combining a high standard of finishing with advanced technology.
Using “refined wood essences” and modular design, Abbiati are able to completely design tables according to client specification, offering different table bases and a variety of table legs, from the most common – such as the H style legs – to the Fish Eye and Double 7 styles.
The tables exhibited at ICE will also demonstrate the latest in Abbiati’s use of innovative composite materials, with the firm able to produce high-end gaming layouts realized with synthetic, 100 percent wool, or the prestigious Alcantara cloth customizable in every detail.
As well as customisable tables, the company will exhibiting its advanced-technology Roulette wheels, all GLI-25 certified and featuring upgraded and patented invisible laser technology (Class 1A).
All Abbiati wheels incorporate an open protocol, allowing them to connect and run winning number displays, online gaming terminals and management systems, and the stand will see wheels complemented with a selection of multi-media displays, running directly from Abbiati Laser Wheels, or auto-setting over- head reader or camera.
Displaying gaming bets, the features are designed to increase the level of entertainment and prolong the time spent by players at the tables.
Furthermore, Abbiati will show- case a wide range of new security features, which can be added to casino currency to improve counter- feit resistance, ensuring a high level of safety for casino operators.
The most advanced security feature, PJM 3.0 RFID of 13.56 MHz, grants operators total visibility and information on all chips in play, recording all chip movements in real time, with high security holograms, 3-in-1 UV security, Laser Tracer technology and Optical Variable Ink providing added assurances.
In addition, the firm’s patented Tie chip line also includes multiple injection moulded, see-through inserts and a combination of intricate and innovative rim and edge inserts.
As far as plaques are concerned, Abbiati also offer secure design features such as diamonds or crystals, customised filigree and holograms, and new stripes collections, such as mono and multi-colour Silk Ribbon, Glitter, Transparent Strass Silk, and Transparent Waves.
“The ICE show represents for Abbiati a strong opportunity to present new solutions to the market that satisfy customer’s requests in terms of innovation, security, design and quality,” said CEO Giorgio Abbiati.
“We want to show our visitors that selecting Abbiati they entrust themselves to a reliable supplier of land-based casino and cruise equipment. With over 35 years of experience in the market we are able to manufacture high quality, well-designed products, which are long-lasting and ensure high levels of performance.”
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