Abbiati redefine table manufacture with bespoke customisation

Abbiatti bespoke
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With over 40 years of experience in the table gaming industry, Abbiati has redefined its production procedure, allowing customers to customise every aspect of table, wheel and chip design.


Abbiati Casino Equipment has announced that its latest range of gaming tables is the most advanced to date, with customers able to completely customise the design process from layout to leg design.

The Italian supplier, founded in 1976, has developed a sophisticated production facility to keep manufacture entirely inhouse, creating bespoke tables from a wide selection of quality and hightech materials.

“Every product features Italian quality and design,” said a statement from the company. “These are two elements that characterise all Abbiati production and make their manufacture unique.”

Customers are able to select the wood used for the production of the table base, including rare materials such as ebony and rosewood, with finishing options including microfibre, leather, eco-leather and suede-effect Alcantara.

Clients can also choose the surface of the tables, with Abbiati offering various composite materials such as Translucent Corian Dupont, that allows light to pass through to create changing colour and decor effects. Table legs can be varied from standard the H style, with spider, double seven and fisheye options, as well as barrel bases or organ design.

Layout production also marks a significant step forward for the Abbiati product range, with a new selection of synthetic materials available, printed using multi-headed colour printing machines.

The 100 percent wool layouts that require a separate silk-screen print for each colour are still made by the company, beside the microfibre designs finished with a high-resolution photographic printing process.

Alongside the production of the table surfaces, Abbiati also continue to lead the market with roulette wheel design, recently launching their GLI-25 certified American roulette wheel, which incorporates the upgraded Abbiati patented invisible Class 1A laser technology.

The latest roulette products also connect to and run winning number displays, online gaming terminals and management systems, allowing the wheels to be integrated with live online casino play.

Beside gaming table and roulette wheel manufacture, Abbiati have also developed significant security advances through an ongoing focus on casino value chip production.

The company’s latest chips all feature 13.56 MHz PJM RFID, eight colour UV pigments, three-in-one UV security tags, laser tracer technology, Optical Variable Ink and high security holograms.

Abbiati’s latest patented range of Tie chips also count multiple injections, see-thru inserts and rim and edge inserts as high security additions, with the design of the chip decal also chosen and personalised by the customer.

“Abbiati is always committed in the research of new solutions to anticipate market trends,” added the company statement. “We will always provide customers with the best fit for their own requirements.”

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