A well-tailored suit: Abbiati talks his approach to Asia

abbiati asia
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In the run-up to G2E Asia, we caught up with Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of Abbiati casino equipment.

International Casino Review: How important is attending G2E Asia for your company, for how many years have you attended the show?

Giorgio Abbiati: G2E is one of the most relevant and one of the biggest exhibitions in the Asia region and for this reason for Abbiati Casino Equipment it is an important opportunity to present its products and to discuss business opportunities.

The Asian market is growing constantly in recent years and for us it constitutes an important occasion to expand the business establishing new relationships with local partners. We want to achieve a strong presence in a strategic market, as the Asian one, and because of this we participate at G2E Asia for over ten years and mean to continue to be presence in the coming years.

ICR: Which of your products or solutions are you highlighting for this edition of G2E Asia, and why?

GA: For this edition of G2E Asia we have decided to dedicate our stand to the presentation of the Baccarat Asian Style table, a specific table designed for the Asian market. It is characterised by a unique design and by refined finishes, which are features of our Italian manufacturing.

The table has some peculiarities which demonstrated our attention in realising products with high level of technology, as a matter of fact it is composed of dual level float tray and of wireless and USB chargers.

Abbiati Baccarat Asian Style represents an originality that, we are sure, will draw attention to our stand because of its uniqueness: this is a Baccarat Asian Style table with Contrast® Bonus-Baccarat™ game by Stephen Au-Yeung. Moreover, we will present Intelligent Beetek Shoe directly connected to our Punto Banco Baccarat Display.

At G2E Asia we will also exhibit our brand-new line of security chips, jetons and plaques, incorporating innovative security technologies to prevent casino currency counterfeiting.

We decided to showcase a range of products which are the result of our strong and extensive R&D projects that have involved Abbiati engineers as well as our partners suppliers.

ICR: Could you tell us more about some of your recent product releases?

GA: Abbiati Casino Equipment is constantly looking for new technologies to improve the realisation of its products and their safety systems. One of more successful products is the GLI-25 certified American roulette wheel which is characterised by the upgraded Abbiati patented invisible laser technology (Class 1A).

All Abbiati wheels can connect to and run winning number displays, online gaming terminals and management systems, their open protocol made them one of the preferred choice for many online gaming operators.

The innovation of Abbiati Casino Equipment concerns the realisation of new collections of chips, jetons and plaques, in particular it refers to the production of plaques with new patterns, designs and materials and of a new line of patented Tie chips featuring multiple injections, see-thru inserts and a combination of intricate and innovative rim and edge inserts.

All new products are designed to satisfy clients’ need of security and for this reason they have security features such as 13.56 MHz PJM RFID, 8-color UV pigments, 3-in-1 UV security feature, Laser Tracer technology, Optical Variable Ink, high security holograms.

Abbiati Casino Equipment developed also a new line of chips called Il Gettone, a chip that marries the portability, durability and versatility in terms of theming of the best American-style casino chips, with the technological sophistication found in higher face value casino plaques. The raw materials used, the various technologies involved and over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing security casino currency, has allowed Abbiati to introduce to the market a very high security product against counterfeit.

ICR: What will be your focuses in the Asia-Pacific region in 2018, are you expanding in a particular product segment, or entering any new markets, etc?

GA: Since its foundation Abbiati Casino Equipment realises products which mean to satisfy a specific need: the realisation of tailored home-made products. We have always been able to satisfy such requests with a production featured by our Italian and Quality design and we are now known to develop reliable and state-of-the-art products.

From this viewpoint we are realising new products in line with new market trends, especially concerning safety, and are looking at the Asian market as one of the most important area to develop our business, not limited to Macau area.

We consider every new opportunity that arises to increment our partnerships and market shares and to strengthen our presence in this strategical market.

ICR: What kind of business successes has your company achieved in the Asia-Pacific region in the past 12 months? Have you entered any new markets or made any major deployments?

GA: In the last year the demand of Abbiati Casino Equipment products in the Asia-Pacific region has increased and the company business continues to expand and develop.

The Asia-Pacific market is a market increasingly strategical for our business related to casinos currency, especially chips and plaques. In the next years we expect to increase our presence in the area strengthening our partnerships and customers relationships.

ICR: What would you identify as the distinctive features of the Macau market? On the product front, where do you think the market Is leading in terms of trends?

GA: Macau market is composed of clients who attribute high value to the quality of products, who are careful to the materials used and to the relevant innovations for gaming products.

Macau operators are state-of-the-art and for this reason the area represents an important market for future projects, in particular we consider Macau as one of the most important market in which develop new products in terms of innovation and security combined with fine and tailored features.

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