Acapture holds payment key to all European regions

Casino Review - Acapture Romania Europe Payments
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Acapture has been granted a Class II Licence from the Romanian National Gambling Office allowing it to maximise revenue for companies in all major European regions.

The Netherlands-based omnichannel PSP, Acapture, has received the license class II from the Romanian National Gambling Office, authorizing it to process Romanian online gambling payments.Casino Review - Acapture Romania Europe Payments Key

Following the approval of this licence, Acapture can now help gambling companies operating in all major European regions to maximize their revenue.

The Romanian National Gambling Office issued class II license covers a range of third-party companies that work with gambling operators, including payment processors which are put under a thorough and comprehensive review throughout the application process.

Romania differs to other countries, most of whom require just the gambling companies to apply for such official licenses, as it requires the merchants’ payment service providers to also obtain a specific license to process Romanian online gambling payments.

Discussing the licence, Cheng Liem Li, Chief Commercial Officer at Acapture, said: “Now that we are licensed across Europe, our gambling solution is the complete package. It is equipped with all the payment features gambling companies need, with maximum uptime, support for the payout of winnings and in-depth regional knowledge to deal smoothly with scheme changes.

Acapture claims its goal is to make international gambling payments as seamless as possible and this class II license in Romania will allow the company to support all gambling merchants to fulfill their international growth objectives.

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