Accra looks to attract stakeholders with resilience report

Ghana Accra
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Ghana’s capital city and largest regulated gaming market, Accra, has increased its visibility and viability to outside stakeholders with the release of a Preliminary Resilience Assessment, highlighting the positive economic outlook and investment feasibility of the area.


The document is the result of a year-long study that represents a comprehensive analysis of the city and focuses primarily on stakeholder engagements.

The report comes at a time when the economy of the west Africa nation is making strides past continental counterparts in terms of GDP and investment metrics, with the government moving to solidify this progress by legitimising business practices.

Minister of Information, Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid recently spoke to press to highlight the success of the government’s first budget implementation cycle in transforming the fiscal health of the nation.

Desmond Appiah, chief resilience officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly commented: “We start to see a range of opportunities rather than merely challenges, by aligning community perceptions, city assets and strategic partnerships the Preliminary Resilience Assessment is an important step forward.”

Mohammed Adjei Sowah, mayor of Accra commented: “The path to a stronger Accra begins with a candid assessment of the challenges we face and the assets at hand for addressing them,” before adding. “Planning and building strong partnerships with collaborators and funders will move us closer to creating a smart, resilient and sustainable city for all the citizens of Accra.”

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