Interview: Advansys highlights potential of Nexio CMS

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International Casino Review caught up with Tina Stolfa, Advansys’ regional sales manager to discuss the features that set the company’s Nexio casino management system apart in a crowded marketplace.


International Casino Review: Advansys is based around a single core product, the Nexio casino management system, could you tell us more about this?

Tina Stolfa: Nexio is Advansys’ next generation casino management system, developed based on nearly 15 years of experience gained in working in 30 countries worldwide.

The Nexio system offers a bullet- proof solution, designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding regulatory jurisdictions, including those where casino management systems are mandatory by law.

An intuitive web-based CMS, Nexio provides deep analytics, a total open reporting module and one the most advanced and flexible marketing tools available for player tracking and rewards, helping extend active play time, build loyalty and assure growth.

Nowadays casinos lose too much time in analytics which force them to manually create different spreadsheet tables and expend effort doing calculations. Our system aims to help operators cut through the reams of statistics, providing the essential figures they need.

Nexio increases staff efficiency by allowing employees to have the most important information available in the palm of their hand and can be accessed virtually everywhere and on any device.

This also helps involve a wider group of users from all levels in the decision making process from the line staff to top management executives.

ICR: How was G2E 2017 for Advansys?

TS: G2E provides great space to meet and connect, for Advansys it is the most important event for the American market and visitors to the show were impressed on seeing Nexio’s potential.

We were also pleased to see a several major operators and vendors from Europe at the show this year.

Nexio is a constantly growing system which Advansys continues to further develop and refine, reflecting our commitment to providing the most advanced and unique solutions available.

Advansys has undertaken an intense period of development during the last few years and we will continue investing in the latest emerging technologies to enable us to offer new and advanced options to our customers.

We met a number of our existing clients at G2E who praised the seam- less growth of the Nexio system.

ICR: What defines the Advansys brand in the marketplace?

TS: There are a great number of companies offering similar products and you have to stand out to make a difference.

While offering a solid product and proven solutions is essential, I believe flexibility, understanding customers’ diversity and market requirements, combined with fair pricing and supreme service is the key to success.

We see every sale we make as the start of a long-term partnership, we never leave a client unsupported and we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient support service.

As a company we know that often it is a good word from a satisfied customer that creates further business opportunities and which will define Nexio as a name to trust in the industry.

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