Advantech-Innocore launches new DPX gaming system

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The cutting-edge manufacturer brings a new element to its successful DPX-S series


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he DPX-S2440 is a complete gaming system combining the performance of Advantech-Innocore’s DPX-S440 motherboard with the convenience of the new DPX-S2000 enclosure.

Adding a new dimension to the DPX-S series range, the new S2000 enclosure is a gaming system logic box designed to accommodate any of Advantech’s DPX-S series motherboards in style and with excellent access to the interior behind a casino grade key-locked lid. The S2000 enclosure effectively leverages the massive scalability options of the DPX-S series high performance gaming platforms giving customers the most versatile gaming platform available.

The DPX-S2440 system has a card slot bay for a PCI-Express graphics card that is wide enough for today’s high powered double-width graphics cards giving the customer the ability to upgrade from the integrated graphics for more performance or to add more monitors (up to 7 or more). For mass storage the system includes a quick release carrier with shock mounting for solid state disk or hard drive as well as the on-board storage options of C-Fast or SATA DOM devices.

As the gaming-focused business unit of the $1bn Advantech Group, Advantech-Innocore stands remains competitive among hardware suppliers. With its own manufacturing plants, global logistics and service centers as well as a leading edge product roadmap, Advantech-Innocore is able to meet some of the most demanding requirements in the gaming industry.

The company has an extensive portfolio of standard hardware products based on both Intel and AMD chipsets and offers supporting software products and utilities. The expert design team also delivers some of the most sophisticated custom designs for gaming industry OEMs who require a gaming platform designed to their exact specifications.

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