Another success for Alfastreet at the Entertainment Arena Expo

Casino Review Alfastreet Expo Bucharest
The 2016 edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest underlined Alfastreet’s leadership in the Romanian and surrounding markets.


[dropcap]“[/dropcap]The attendance at [our] booth on the show was superb, and confirmed great appreciation for the brand’s efforts to provide the players with the best equipment for their enjoyment,” Alfastreet said.

Showcasing its products alongside local distributor, Game World Romania, Alfastreet said the “pleasant ambience” of the show provided the ideal backdrop for business and relaxed interaction with friends and customers.

“The company is satisfied with the orders for the new equipment, showing a general good health of the gaming business in the hosting country,” Alfastreet stated. “The star of the exhibition was the latest evolution of the top selling series: the R8, which has been restyled and improved.

The 2016 eight-station model is slightly more compact in order to pair 23-inch touchscreen monitors with mechanical keyboards. “Needless to say, the mechanical part has also been revised to optimize the functionality and power of the unit, which provides all the options regarding connectivity and latest high-tech features,” said Alfastreet.