Alfastreet revs up for further European growth with Car Race

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Slovenian-based Alfastreet celebrated another successful edition of ICE, presenting the latest iteration of its popular Royal Derby game, along with a host of new innovations.


“We are one of the suppliers with the largest portfolio of products,” said Alfastreet’s CEO, Tjasa Luin Peric. “With the European market in mind we are specially focusing on innovative new content for this year’s ICE and the response has been great.”

The company presented Car Race at the show, a rally racing themed gaming machine based on the successful Royal Derby platform.

The new release follows on the heels of the 2017 introduction of the boat-themed Wet Race.

“This year we’re presenting Car Race for the first time at ICE, this release further builds on the success of Royal Derby which is doing very well all around the world,” Luin Peric explained.

“The feedback we’ve received from operators about Royal Derby has been tremendous, and we’ve already seen a lot of interest in Car Race.”

Alfastreet also showcased the new Felix T single terminal, which boasts a 27” touchscreen monitor, supports the company’s multigame and simultaneous play options, and offers easy inter-connectivity with virtually any automated and/or live game source.

Felix T also includes a range of lighting options and can be customised the client’s requirements.

“Every operator has their own wishes,” added Luin Peric. “We try to do everything to make our products as profitable as possible for operators, because happy clients are clients that return.”

Luin Peric highlighted that the European region continues to be a focus for Alfastreet following a strong performance in 2017.

“Within Europe, we’ve seen significant growth in France, Spain and Romania,” she stated.

“In all of these markets we’ve seen tremendous demand for the kind of high quality, customised solutions that we offer.

“In the last few years we’ve also entered into new markets such as the Netherlands and Finland, we’re very happy with the results we’ve achieved, and in 2018 we plan increase our presence in Europe even further.”

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