Alfastreet warmly anticipating SAGSE 2016

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Leading manufacturer of multi-player electronic gaming machines Alfastreet will display a selection from its broad product portfolio at this November’s SAGSE Buenos Aires, offering solutions for gaming venues of every size.


[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ulti-player electronic gaming machine manufacturer Alfastreet has made a big impact on Argentinian market in last two years and becoming the go-to provider for electronic roulette machines.

The Slovenia-headquartered company will be displaying a range of its products at SAGSE Buenos Aires, one of the most significant trade shows in Latin America, taking place at the Costa Salguero Convention Center from 15-17Casino Review SAGSE Alfastreet November.

“Alfastreet is absolutely dominating the Latin American electronic table games market,” said Albert Radman, the company’s sales director. “We command a significant market share in almost every country in the region.”
Taking centre stage on Alfastreet’s stand will be the latest edition of the R8, eight-station roulette cabinet incorporating a complete signage solution guaranteeing that the machine will stand out on any gaming floor and providing players with a visually impressive vista.

Alfastreet has strived to further refine this latest version of the R8, building on its 25 years of experience and integrating the latest technological advancements.

The R8’s reliability, player-friendly user interface and inter-connectivity with additional electronic or live sources makes it a defining product in its class, setting the standard for roulette cabinets.

Custom tailored to meet the specifications of the Argentinian market, Alfastreet’s R12 cabinet will also be on show.

The bestselling R12 boasts 21,5” touch screen monitors on 12 stations, while players can enjoy the functional and aesthetically appealing almond shaped machine, ideal for increasing opportunities for interaction and engagement with fellow gamers.

Alfastreet’s broad product portfolio offers us an advantage since we offer something for everyone


Both the R8 and R12 feature the company’s patented Multigame and Simultaneous Play options, making them amongst the most versatile solutions in their respective classes.

“Alfastreet’s broad product portfolio offers us an advantage since we offer something for everyone,” Radman added. “In Colombia our top seller is the big eight-station roulette, while in Peru we are seeing a lot of success with the terminals and Royal Derby, and in Argentina we have the twelve player R12, developed specifically for this market.

“While we are a small company, for us this is an advantage because it allows us to be very flexible and tailor our products to our clients’ needs,” he said.

Alongside the roulette machines, a new online management system and an evolved remote play solution will also be on show, providing a complete package solution for the future gaming venue requirements.

For this year’s SAGSE, Alfastreet will also provide a special presentation of its mechanical horse-racing machine Royal Derby, which has made huge impact on the industry since the it was first unveiled two years ago.

“Royal Derby continues to be very popular and everybody wants one, with its attractive design we’ve seen success in both the US and Latin America, and it remains the only product of its kind on the market,” added Radman.


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