Alto Paraná: Paraguay’s regulator set to move forward with licence tender

Alto Paraná, Paraguay, regulator, licence tender
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The president of Paraguay’s national regulator Conajzar has confirmed that the three companies participating in the tender for a casino licence in Alto Paraná will have their bids reviewed in late November.

José Antonio Ortiz Báez, the new head of Conajzar, stated that the three bids by Casinos Paraguayos SA, Antonio Aranda Encina, and LAGG Paraguay SA will be opened on 30 November.

He added that an evaluation committee will be formed in due course to oversee the tender.

“We still haven’t had the time nor the opportunity [to establish the committee] because the remaining members of the Commission have not yet been appointed,” Ortiz Báez explained.

The new tender is the first in the country since the cancellation of plans to build a casino resort in Ciudad del Este. In January, the previous president of Conajzar, Javier Balbuena, announced that the tender for a casino licence for an eleven-hectare site owned by the National Administration of Navigation and Ports (ANNP) had been called off.

It was recently announced that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested that an investigation into the Ciudad del Este tender be reopened.

In mid-August, a lawyer representing the Alto Paraná Port Workers Union challenged the decision not to move forward with the original complaint.

On 16 August, Nicolás Russo Galeano, filed a new criminal complaint against the mayor of Ciudad del Este, Sandra McLeod de Zacarías, as well as a number of former city government officials for usurpation of official functions in connection with the tender.

The new prosecutor assigned to investigate the allegations, Andrés Arriola, has now requested that the original case file be reopened in order to exam- ine the claims.

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