Arch and Tower slot machines on German soil already

Casino Technology - Tower machines
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Arch slot machine and the Tower slant top have made their inroad on the German market with installation at Kasino Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

Thomas Fecht, operational director of Kasino Reeperbahn said: “The Casino Technology machines are beautifully designed and they address the diversity needs of our clients, generating interest and prolonging the time spent at the location”.

The operational director of Kasino Reeperbahn said he was is “delighted by the opportunity to have even more diversified product mix” with the placement of the Casino Technology’s machines.

The Arch slot machine is the first in the industry with 43” horizontally curved monitor and the new line Tower slant top has 4K resolution of the 43” vertically curved monitor, and are offered with game packages that are “capitalise on the machines’ performance”.

The firm says “the Gamopolis Arch multigame complements the immersive feeling of the play with interactive bonus features and efficient set of game maths”.

The Tower game package, with its high-quality animation and characters, is “designed to attract players who seek more entertainment and amusement” and is linked thematically to the games. The varied reel configurations and different types of bonus schemes as well as the free games with extremely frequent restart, add to the compelling feel of the game.

“Casino Technology’s products are well known on the German market after the successful installation of the dedicated series of multigames Gamopolis in several locations few years ago,” said Peter Amling, exclusive distributor for the German speaking markets at Casino Technology, “Now we build on the solid foundation with the new placements, anticipating the next instalments as there is a high demand on the Casino Technology’s machines.”

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