Aruze charts a path to European success with innovative ETG solutions

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Aruze Gaming displayed a wide variety of new table games innovations for ICE 2018, aiming to help operators reduce labour overheads, while creating new opportunities.


ICE 2018 saw Aruze Gaming demonstrate the capabilities of its latest innovation, Roll to Win Craps, based on a brand new player interface, and specifically tailored to increase efficiency on gaming floors, and appeal to the European market.

“Labour is a big deal, and our craps table requires only one fourth of the labour,” said Eric Persson, president of Aruze. “It will have dice detection capability and will also be able to be played virtually in jurisdictions where live craps isn’t allowed and that’s a game changer.”

The new interface used in Roll to Win Craps is also adaptable to offer Sic Bo for operators in Asia. “While a lot of these games were build for Europe, they have the ability to be converted for various markets around the world,” Persson added.

Another highlight at the show was Aruze’s latest Virtual Roulette release on the X-Station, utilising a single zero projection-mapped wheel with “a lot of Aruze elements in it, turning a very standard game into something a lot cooler.”

The company also debuted its one-of-a-kind Omni-Table – a patented LED video display table with a felt surface and a live dealer – at the show.

The Omni-Table features hot-swappable LED panels and an easily changeable felt surface that offers operators increased flexibility while keeping the traditional feel of a table game.

Operators can increase their revenue using the mounted touchscreen to change table limits, increase or decrease available spots, or swap games in seconds.

Additionally, the Omni-Table creates marketing opportunities by displaying advertisements right on the table during game play or when it is inactive.

The new products come at an opportune time to support the development of the company’s position in the European market.

“For us, until recently Europe has been a pretty untapped market,” Persson explained.

“For the longest time it was dominated by only a couple of companies, but now there’s over 30 manufacturers selling into Europe.

“The opportunities in the region have grown for everyone, we’re benefiting from that as well, and we’re up about 50 percent year-over-year.

“2018 is all about execution, if we continue to build on the innovative solutions we’re developing we’re going to be very successful,” he concluded.

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