Aruze to present Muso Triple- 27 cabinet in San Diego

Aruze, Muso Triple- 27, cabinet, San Diego
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Aruze will demonstrate its latest innovations for the tribal gaming market at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention this April, including its latest cabinets, the Muso Triple-27, MusoCurve-43, and Muso Limited, and the Roll To Win Craps ETG.

Aruze is set to welcome both tribal leaders and casino executives to its stand at NIGA 2019 this April, where the company will present its Muso Triple- 27, Muso Curve-43, and Muso Limited cabinets, along with its Roll To Win Craps ETG.
Awarded with the Gold Medal in the 17th Annual GGB Gaming and Technology Awards as the Best Slot Product, Muso Triple-27 is an innovative video slot that features an industry first wireless charging for player convenience. The design of the Muso Triple-27 creates an eye-catching light display with its 360-degree LED backlighting, another industry first. LED lighting continues behind the stacked 27” LCD monitors, in the edge lighting along the monitors themselves and even in the player’s wrist rest, engulfing the player in the game atmosphere. Thoughtful design continues along the Muso’s large glass-table button deck with a 13.3-inch LCD touch- screen interface, keeping player comfort in mind as well as innovation.
Aruze expanded the Muso family with Muso Curve-43 and Muso Limited. Muso Curve-43 is a cutting-edge video slot cabinet that carries a vertical presentation with a 43” J-style curved LCD monitor. The wireless phone charger seen on the Muso Triple-27 is also supported on the Muso Curve-43.
Muso Limited incorporates a 55” vertical LCD monitor stacked on a 27” LCD monitor. The Muso Limited will launch with Hawaiian Fishing, a community-style fishing game born from the revolutionary gameplay pioneered by Aruze. Many key elements of the original game have been maintained, including an improved Reel Controller players use to reel in fish during bonus features.
Muso Limited and Muso Curve-43 also feature the unique design of Muso with an LED-backlit panel and brilliant graphics displays.
Aruze is committed to providing revolutionary products for every part of the casino experience, from slots to table games. The latest game-changing product lives at the intersection of traditional table games and ETGs. Roll To Win Craps, a hybrid dealer-assisted ETG that combines the exciting atmosphere of live table play with the operational efficiencies and the security of modern technologies. All bets are placed electronically on individual 21.5” LCDs and each bet is immediately reproduced as the bets animate across the LED table. By removing all physical chips, only one employee is required to run the table game. Another additional feature of Roll to Win Craps is an embedded LED advertisement wall. On the interior side of the craps table wall, a section is dedicated to streaming advertisements that can be used for casino property promotions or focused on external advertising partnerships.

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