Asojuegos appoints new president

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The Colombian Association of Gaming Operators (Asojuegos) has appointed lawyer and politician Juan Carlos Restrepo Escobar, as its new president.

A former senator, Restrepo Escobar, served in the Colombian Congress for 16 years as representative for the Cambio Radical party, and has maintained close ties to the gaming industry.

“We want to extend our most sincere congratulations to Dr. Juan Carlos Restrepo, without a doubt he has been an important player in the sector and a very close friend of Fecoljuegos,” commented Evert Montero Cárdenas, president of Fecoljuegos.

“We have worked together in the good of the activity and we are fully confident that with his arrival and participation in the actions that we are working in an articulated manner between the unions, the different projects and challenges will be consolidated helping to make this a sustainable industry in the long term.”

Montero stated that Restrepo had been in contact with him to confirm his appointment, and had reiterated his commitment to the industry and praised the work that Fecoljuegos has done so far.

“He wants us to do a joint and respectful work to make this a recognized and strong sector. His arrival is undoubtedly very important for what is coming in the industry: a better reputation, an up to date policy and guarantees for entrepreneurs who make large socio-economic contributions to the country,” Montero added.

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