Uruguay’s government considers Atlántida casino resort proposal

Uruguay Atlantida casino resort proposal

A proposal that would see the creation of a new casino resort in the seaside town of Atlántida in Canelones Department is gaining momentum, having secured the backing of senior government officials.


Alfonso Lereté, the deputy representing Canelones, recently held meetings with the minister of transport and public works, Luis Alberto Heber, the undersecretary of tourism, Remo Monzeglio, and president Luis Lacalle Pou to discuss the proposal. “It would see the construction of a hotel, a casino and a marina for Canelones” situated in “the tourist capital of Atlántida,” he explained.

Characterising the project as a “very important” component in helping to improve the city’s image, Lereté added that he would be in contact with the national director of hydrography to discuss the technical details regarding the marina.

The development would reportedly be situated at the site of the National Naval Prefecture. “This parcel of land is key in order to be able to link the marina with the construction of the hotel and casino,” Lereté explained. “[Additionally], the site is one of the best points on the Atlántida promenade.

“If the president were to give the green light for the construction of the hotel with a privately funded casino, with the development linked to the possible marina, it would represent the chance to revive tourism in a department which has not received investment for decades,” he concluded.