BEGE 2019 nearly upon us

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BEGE 2019 will be bringing together more than 80 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors for its 12th iteration, to be held in Sofia 19-20 November.

BEGE 2019 will be held on 19-20 November at the Inter Expo Center, Sofia and will focus on bringing together local and international operators with industry experts for knowledge sharing which involves compliance matters and the very latest innovative concepts.

The event promises to be the largest and most comprehensive showcase of new innovations and technological development in Eastern and Central Europe – helping to shape the future of the regional industry.

The show will feature the latest advances in the casino industry and provides once again all attendees with more valuable and unique opportunities to make solid business connections and share insights and experiences.

“We have worked tirelessly to create an atmosphere and ambience that will promote the types of introductions, interaction and discussions that at the end of the day will be meaningful for all types of gaming professionals” Milena Tsankarska head of the project explained.

“Along with networking opportunities dedicated to all gaming professionals, we created the Career Center which offers students a superb opportunity to enter the gaming sector and gain valuable insight and knowledge.”

BEGE 2019 will provide space and workshops to allow students and young professionals to meet with industry experts to network and learn from their experience and best practices.

The BEGE 2019 volunteer program which was conceived to assist and promote young people with talent to engage in specific areas of marketing and organisation is also one of the socially responsible features of the trade show.

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