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Betconstruct Building success
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Flexible, efficient and intuitive, SpringBuilder from Betconstruct is a website-building tool created with the needs of the betting and gaming industry in mind. The technical stuff is all taken care of, leaving operators free to realise their vision. According to Gev Balyan, head of special projects, all anyone needs to get started on their dream website is an idea and a few spare hours.


Tell us a little bit about the concept of SpringBuilder: where did the idea come from, and how can operators benefit from it?

The word ‘Spring’ says it all: creativity, freshness, imagination.

Initially, we investigated the gambling market and thought that the online industry could be more sophisticated in terms of creating a gaming website. We thought that the fundamental step in our business would be making things easier for operators. Thus, we decided to go full throttle as an online gaming website provider and spread our thrilling vision. With SpringBuilder, you can build your new website in a matter of hours. You don’t need any technical skills for building your website, just drag and drop all the available elements and blocks (Casino, Sportsbook, Fantasy sports and all other BetConstruct products) according to your taste and branding. It’s built to look simple and easy, but you can go even deeper and touch every single pixel, width, height and much more using the interface.

Gev Balyan, Head of Special Projects

How do you cater to operators who need to adapt their sites to different markets, and who may want more control over the look and feel of their website?

We have designed our technology to be flexible enough to fulfil any regulatory requirements that give peace of mind to our operators. We offer templates which either can be used and redesigned by operators or serve as the big picture of SpringBuilder’s spectrum. We have ready-made layouts for Live and Prematch Sportsbooks, Casino and other page types, but we leave the design of those pages on operators so they have a wide variety of choices to play with on their own. We also have an app called Designer Tools. With this app you can basically touch each and every pixel of your website. We also offer our team’s help in case operators are hesitant about design or any other request concerning websites.

Is SpringBuilder just for young businesses, or can more established betting and gaming firms also benefit from the tool?

SpringBuilder has been created for every single individual or company interested in starting a gambling business. It can serve as a perfect solution not only for start-ups, but also for established operators. There is no necessity to have coding or designing skills, just a concept in mind and the drive to execute it. There are a bunch of established operators with huge traffic which is handled by the platform easily using Google’s Kubernetes engine. Every product, element or page type can be added within a minute, thus irrespective of the size and efforts of a company, SpringBuilder can serve as a stagnant tool to run a business for everyone.

In today’s fast-paced industry, it’s essential to be able to adapt with new games, promotions and marketing strategies. How easy is it for Betconstruct partners to make changes after they’ve built their website?

SpringBuilder provides awesome tools to create new pages, run a news or a promotion section, create high converting landing pages and more within a couple of minutes, all by yourself. Running promotional pages for gambling websites can be crucial for success, so we took care of this as well. Operators can make use of our Article app and easily add and/or update gaming content, edit text colors, add main images, social images and SEO tags for all articles. That is to say, you can always have fresh content for your audience with loads of engaging articles and creatives. If a partner wants to implement a new idea, SpringBuilder is the optimal means for that.

How has the take-up and response been to the product so far?

A number of companies have determined to become partners with BetConstruct and SpringBuilder particularly. Among them are the big names, such as Vbet, STSbet, VivoBet and others. Considering the fact that our partners enjoy their experience with our platform, we claim that we are a start-up with successful launch. One thing worth noting is the possibility to respond to numerous feature requests and adding them from our part.

What improvements has Betconstruct made since your original launch and what additions are planning to make to the tool this year?

SpringBuilder is an evolving platform, that is to say we always update and bring forward new functionalities. Being Ucraft’s White Label solution, we have taken the core of Ucraft and added tonnes of gaming elements; ready-made page types, like Virtual Sports, March Madness and others; special apps, like Casino app, Spring app, etc. This list is being improved day by day. Among the major updates that our partners will enjoy are a new esport page with dozens of electronic games; both American and Asian views of Sportsbook along with the classic and European ones; UI improvements and so on.

Nowadays all our partners have the chance to try out SpringBuilder: a multifunctional drag and drop website builder that will give our partners and their design and marketing teams the freedom to create the best UI and UX for their players.

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