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In a crowded sector, continuing innovation is key in staying ahead of the curve. BetGames.TV’s Head of Sales, Christian Maglia explains how the company is harnessing the latest technological trends and is keeping a close eye on emerging markets.

International Casino Review: Could you tell us about the concept, it is a combination of traditional betting with lottery and casino games?
Christian Maglia: Nowadays there are so many companies offering online casino games that a fresh perspective was required to meet the demands of an overcrowded marketplace.
Just over five years ago, BetGames.TV presented an innovation in the betting industry, showcasing a different approach and style of betting.
Our company offers a matchless product, a triple combination of betting, casino games and lotteries, where the player can freely play well-known casino and lottery games by betting on the outcomes.
The clarity and simplicity of the games we offer, allow players to enter the process without even reading the rules, with a draw every 3-5 minutes.

ICR: What does the BetGames.TV format offer punters that, say, traditional live dealer roulette does not?
CM: In a word word, diversity – we offer a wide selection of betting options. Unlike typical casino games, we offer a variety of different risk level outcomes for punters to choose from, while keeping the principle of the game in place.
While traditional roulette or other live casino games usually offer at least even-chances outcomes – for example 2,00 on black or odd numbers at roulette – we offer a variety of different outcomes with the starting odds of 1,01.
Playing styles vary, for this reason we provide a range of different options allowing players to find the most appealing outcomes to suit their needs – conservative players can choose lower odds with the same level of risk, while those who are looking for a higher level of risk have the opportunity to hit jackpots with winnings one or even two thousand times higher than the stake.

ICR: You have recently launched some new titles?
CM: Dice Duel is one of our two recently released games. The game consists of two dices – one red and one blue, with sides numbered from 1 to 6. The presenter puts the dice into a dice box, shuffles it and rolls them onto the game table and players can see the outcome right away.
Central to the game’s appeal is its simplicity. Players are able to enjoy the variety of outcomes we offer, with quick draws every three minutes.
Meanwhile, Lucky 6 is our third game based on a lottery concept, following in the footsteps of Lucky 5 and Lucky 7.
Players are offered a wide range of betting options and have the chance to multiply their stake more than a thousand times.
The game process is simple, six winning balls out of a pool of 60 are randomly drawn into the cylinders of the game machine.

ICR: How are advances in consumer technology – 4G, better mobile handsets, fibre broadband, 4K screens, etc – helping you diversify your products?
CM: In terms of technological growth, the online gaming industry changes as fast as customer’s needs.
For most online gaming operators, wagering on mobile devices now represents anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of their revenue.
As a generation of players who grew up using mobile devices comes of age, that number is only going to increase.
Mobile devices are also dramatically changing how players consume gaming content. As new mobile devices enter the market and the characteristics improve day by day we are eager to see how players will enjoy a better experience.
Players on mobile devices tend to have shorter gaming sessions for lower stakes but at the same time gaming sessions are more frequent.
Faster internet speeds around the world will help support further growth and allow us to offer BetGames.TV’s full spectrum of products to a wider audience.
Additionally, for some time now we’ve been investigating the possibilities of Smart TVs, and we feel that this medium has a lot of potential.

ICR: What are’s plans for the rest of 2017 and into 2018 – what markets are you targeting and where do you see growth?
CM: Well to begin with, we are pleased to announce a licensing agreement which allows for the distribution of BetGames.TV gaming content to the Italian online-based market.
I’m very excited with this achievement. continues to work towards delivering a complete omni-channel gaming experience and this latest agreement represents a key milestone in our strategy in the Italian market.
Looking further east, sometime ago we created Bet-on-Baccarat game as part of our efforts to create attractive content for the Asian market – and its three digits growth rate has come as a surprise even to us.
On the other side of our globe, the rapid growth of betting in Africa in the last few years has surprised onlookers around the world.
With 1.2 billion people, over 50 percent of whom fall into the millennial demographic, these figures present a serious opportunity and our company is watching the African market closely.

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