Betinvest offers transparency and control with new Agent Management System for the Asian market

Betinvest Asia Agent Management System
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After detailed conversations and constructive feedback from its partners in Asia, Betinvest has launched an Agent Management System to empower bookmakers with the tools to easily manage and monitor the performance of its agents.


Betinvest has launched an Agent Management System for the Asian market and other markets which use the same operational model, providing transparency and control to bookmakers and enabling them to better manage and monitor agent performance.

Indeed, after long conversations with local operators in Macau at G2E Asia, Betinvest has incorporated innovative improvements into the traditional betting agent management model, supported by the solutions provider’s strong IT team to ensure the system remains flexible and up-to-date with clients’ needs.

“This system will bring transparency and control to bookmakers – both to those with an existing agent network and to those who are interested in running a betting business with the help of an agent scheme,” explained VP of business development, Valentyn Kyrylenko. “The solution will enable our clients to manage the activity of every participant at each level in the hierarchy, and to monitor their performance in real time. It offers multi-level commercial structure, profit and loss sharing algorithms, on-spot agent creation functionality and an easy to use settlement process. Each agent has a lot of flexibility in the manner in which they can work with customers. Through consistent communication with our partners from around the world, we’ve discovered that a solution such as this is in high demand.”

A key strength of Betinvest’s system is that it’s entirely up to their client to decide who can work as an agent for their business. Furthermore, once an agent is incorporated into the management system, the client can monitor them closely to ensure the entire structure is operating smoothly.

“It’s easy to incorporate new people into the Agent Management System’s hierarchy. It’s also really easy to control and manage all the people involved thanks to a set of comprehensive reports that show all the agents, their credit, balance, efficiency and player behaviour. We provide the software and updates to our partners who require only this system. Everything else is under the client’s control. It goes without saying that an agent-to-be should have a number of players and be well-informed about the nature of the industry,” continued Kyrylenko. “All the risk can be monitored by our clients and they can access reports about every Agent or Master Agent’s activity and credit status, see an overview of total bets and stakes, etc. They’ll be able to check all of this, to change limits, and even block an Agent if they urgently need to do so. Operators can view players’ accounts, calculate risk and even adjust odds before accepting bets.”

This high level of control and transparency for clients is a result of Betinvest’s carefully organised hierarchical structure. The solutions provider’s Agent Management System is a sophisticated network consisting of various levels – each their own rights and structures, which, along with the scheme’s credit-style system, allows clients to monitor the entirety of its agent system without the need for micromanagement.

“Imagine you’re a shareholder: you can invite one or more Senior Master Agents. They will work with Master Agents, who will work with Agents who, in turn, will manage the players. There is no limit to how many agents you can have at any level,” detailed Kyrylenko. “We’ve based the scheme on a credit-style system, meaning that the total risk an upline can set for its downline is limited. The system is designed for agent networks of all sizes, and can be easily managed and customised.”

To perfect the system, Betinvest has worked closely with its partners in Asia who share their on-the-ground experience and help the solutions provider develop relevant and efficient products. These partners were the first to test Betinvest’s new solution, providing feedback to ensure the agent system is perfectly fit-for-purpose across the entire continent. However, while bookmakers in Asia will be the largest beneficiaries to Betinvest’s latest innovation, Kyrylenko emphasised that the company’s Agent Management System will suit operators with agent networks in any market – allowing clients across the globe to benefit from increased transparency and control of their sports betting operation.

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