Betinvest adapts pioneering iFrame for Asian market ahead of G2E Asia

Betinvest iFrame G2E Asia
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“Our iFrame is the most direct way to start a sports betting business in Asia,” is how Betinvest’s Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of Business Development, has described the potential impact of its ground-breaking innovation as it prepares to debut in Macau with some significant changes designed specifically for operators in the region.


The company’s latest Sportsbook iFrame has already proved its power by reducing their partners’ running costs by at least 80 percent and as the leading ‘plug-and-play’ solution for businesses, Betinvest is confident it will be a big hit for both esports and Sportsbook providers in the region.

Commenting on the possibilities for the technology across Asia, Kyrylenko explained: “With iFrame technology and our new service, what really stands out is the ability to get started in sports betting quickly and easily, and at more or less no cost at all. We also decided to separate our Sportsbook service from our esports products. This way, clients whose main target is esports can opt to use only this service, or to use both if they so wish. We are confident that this will be in demand in Asia, where esports is the most-developed and best-loved in the world.”

“Our iFrame solution will be essential for operators in any region,” he continued. “They’ll be able to try out the betting business quickly and easily through its straightforward ‘plug-and-play’ integration, so that they can gain an understanding of how it works and be able to decide whether they really want to start their own operations. They won’t have to go through the tortuous development and testing stages because we’ve already done that for them and come up with our Sportsbook iFrame solution. As for special features for the Asian market, we’ve made some changes in the backend according to the market’s needs and developed a corresponding frontend.”

Betinvest’s iFrame developers have years of experience working within the region and the company has worked extensively with its Asian partners to discuss all the key features of the market adapting the betting handicap and reducing the quantity of events and markets to suit players needs in the region. Kyrylenko said: “To adapt to the Asian handicap, where the number of possible outcomes is reduced from three, like we have in Europe, to two by eliminating the “draw” outcome. This means that there are no high risks for bookmakers and no low prizes for players. It helps to maintain a balance and is the first thing that every betting provider must understand. In addition, after speaking with our partners we discovered customers in that region aren’t used to seeing high numbers of markets, but instead tend to have only a few. In Europe, we provide a large selection of events and sometimes the top matches can have up to 600 markets so we decided to add an extra option to our iFrame: the option to hide unnecessary markets. We’ve also been mindful of different odds formats, such as Indonesian, Malay and Hong Kong as well as local customs for betting websites and bet slips because there’s no need for multiple or system bets – in Asia, there is only Mix Parlay.”

With the Chinese eSports markets expected to grow to $2bn+ in 2020, Betinvest aims to progress in the region and support the booming sector going forward with a series of concepts in the entertainment sector. Kyrylenko said: “Our focus is on the esports industry’s development in general, rather than only in terms of sports betting. Six months ago, we didn’t even have a team specifically for esports, and now we provide our clients with odds for 2,000 pre-match and up to 1,000 live events for major games around the globe. We have an esports iFrame solution and in-house esports Data Feed. Few others could achieve so much in such a short time frame. The first step has been taken. Next, we will conduct tournaments, and arrange sponsorship as well as other kinds of support for teams.

“The Chinese market can show us the right attitude to have towards esports. Officially recognising esports Professionals was another step in the right direction in terms of the development and perception of the industry. Governments won’t be able to ignore this industry for long, and eventually they’ll want to actively take part in it.”

Following the premier of its latest innovation at G2E Asia in May, Kyrylenko is enthusiastic about the growing trends in China and Asia as the market experiences a positive shift in trust around sports betting and continued growth in mobile and esports. He concluded: “The main trends we anticipate for the Asian market are as follows: further transition to mobile, continued growth of esports and a rise in the importance of casual and social gaming. There are currently 183 million mobile gamers in China, where interaction and socialising have started to become a part of the gaming experience so it’s an exciting time to be expanding our footprint in this region.”

Betinvest will be exhibiting at G2E Asia 2019. For more information on how their iFrame solution has been tailored specifically for the Asian market, contact Valentyn Kyrylenko,, +38 095 231 30 44.

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