Betinvest strengthens management team with new COO

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Following a successful career heading up the largest international alcohol holding company in Eastern Europe, Max Dubossarsky has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Betinvest. As the leading gaming brand continues to drive its international expansion and product development focus, Dubossarsky discusses his first foray into gaming, the importance of teamwork and why online betting is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to technology…


What’s your career background and what are your ambitions at Betinvest?

In my five years as CEO at an international alcohol holding company, I directed global sales, opened offices and organised distribution in the USA firsthand and worked in numerous different countries gaining insight into different mentalities and approaches to running an international business.

As for my ambitions, when working in any company my goal is always to make the company richer. To turn this goal into a reality, the most important factor is always the team. I believe in teamwork. It’s something I have experience in, and it’s a philosophy I live by.

This is the first time you’ve worked in gambling, what attracted you to the industry and to Betinvest in particular?

I was attracted to this industry and to Betinvest because of IT. I have an educational background in programming and software development. After finishing university, I became more interested in marketing, sales and management, so they became my focus.

The desire to work on IT projects didn’t disappear, though – in fact, this industry is in keeping with the zeitgeist of the modern day. However, it wasn’t until recently that something suitable came up, something worthwhile.

At Betinvest, my education helps me to communicate with the company’s IT specialists, because I have a good understanding of the development process.

I don’t see my lack of experience in the gambling business as an issue. For a good manager, it shouldn’t matter which industry they’re working in. In addition, I’m quickly getting up to speed with the industry specifics.

Gambling has a difficult reputation with some observers, is this something you considered and how have you responded?

The concept of morals can be interpreted in many ways. The reality of the modern world is such that every business must take responsibility for their actions and work hard to try to make the world a better place and give something back to the community. Working in this industry, we can have an effect by playing our part when it comes to morals, ethics, responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility. I asked myself this same question a long time ago and I believe my answer reflects my previous experience 100%.

You previously worked in the alcoholic beverage industry, how will you be using that experience to help develop Betinvest’s future as COO?

All companies experience the same problems when it comes to business processes and teamwork. I joined Betinvest to help strengthen the team and to look at how it can be further developed in the future. The company is growing and we’re streamlining our internal processes so that we’re prepared for change in the foreseeable future. Within five years, sports betting’s audience demographic will have changed completely. This means that we need to adapt how we work so that we can offer appropriate products and solutions for the evolving market.

My role in this as COO is to gather knowledge which will enable me, in one way or another, to become a visionary for this company who stays on top of the latest news, plans for the future and forms a strategy geared towards economic efficiency. At the moment, I’m doing my research.

As a newcomer, how do you see the industry developing over the next few years and what trends do you foresee being the next big thing?

One of the main challenges for companies around the world is to be streamlined, flexible and able to adapt in a heartbeat. In the 21st century, having new, innovative technologies and solutions is vital to keep up with the times. Gambling is no exception. We always need to be thinking about tomorrow. At Betinvest, we always keep up to date with the latest news and tailor our products and solutions for the market. Having our own team of IT specialists enables us to do this effectively.

AI and virtual reality have already become a part of our industry, and the possibilities for innovation and change are pretty much endless.

Can you summarise your business philosophy? COO

Effective business processes and HR management. Automation and optimisation. Looking ahead in an ever-changing world. Teamwork.

Betinvest have a recurring hexagon motif. The six sides represent six key elements required to successfully run and develop a business.

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