Betinvest revolutionises operator capability with ‘plug-and-play’ Sportsbook iFrame

Betinvest esports iFrame Sportsbook operator
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Following the launch of the industry’s first customisable Sportsbook iFrame solution, Betinvest is continuing to develop the pioneering project by separating the Sportsbook and eSports services providing operators with an even more straightforward entry into sports betting. The company’s VP of Business Development, Valentyn Kyrylenko, explores why ‘plug-and-play’ is, as far as they are aware, providing capabilities nobody else can across the global sports betting sector…


“We decided to separate our Sportsbook service from our eSports products, this way, clients whose main target is eSports can opt to use only this service, or to use both if they so wish,” explained Kyrylenko. “It goes beyond any Sportsbook iFrame that you typically find on the market, this is a new approach providing Sportsbook as a fully-fledged service. We are also able to use iFrame integration to provide other products and services to our clients, but this is dependent on the partner’s needs and their platform.”

He continued: “Betinvest has simplified the complexity of Sportsbook by introducing a revolutionary ‘plug-and-play’ Sportsbook iFrame solution so that our customers can invest time in more important things. We are flexible, and aim to offer this flexibility to our clients. For us, the key is not in spending time, but in investing it.”

With respect to the interface of BetInvest’s eSports iFrame, the technology was designed according to customer needs and preferences by a streamlined team of two who aimed to provide operators with a product, but also with the back office tools to make it possible for them to manage it themselves. “Our customers can apply any necessary settings or customisation options to ensure the safety of their business by themselves. All the data we exchange is encoded, not personalised, so even in the event of a data breach, information about customers and their transactions won’t be compromised,” said Kyrylenko. “This solution will be good for platforms which have their own payment and accounting systems, but are lacking a sportsbook or other gaming product.”

Commenting on customer integration, Kyrylenko continued: “From our side – through the main admin panel, for example – we’ll be able to see everything relating to our clients, with the exception of their customers. We’ve kept customer information exclusively on the client’s side and encoded, so all we’ll be able to see is something anonymous. iFrame API is available in all kinds of software languages to our B2B clients enhancing its potential across differing platforms. For example, if they’re using JavaScript, we’ll give them the appropriate documentation for it. If they use Java, we’ll give them documentation in Java instead. Our iFrame is compatible with all other technology. This makes integration fast and simple, which operators will appreciate.”

Betinvest’s ‘plug-and-play’ Sportsbook iFrame solution is not only breaking new ground by giving their clients control of their back office, it is also delivers a recognisable betting website design at the touch of a button which has been created specifically to enhance revenue and customer interaction. Discussing the ease of setup, Valentyn said: “What do operators need to begin their partnership with us? All they need to do is to concentrate on their business and motivation. As long as they are motivated, we can get started. It’s likely that they already have a platform of their own, into which they can integrate our iFrame. This is the fastest way to launch new products from scratch, or to expand an existing business by incorporating Betinvest data, for example. This is the brilliance of ‘plug-and-play’.”

He added: “Our clients will be able to choose from and switch between 15 different designs. At a basic level, there is the option to change the outlines, the colours, etc. but if a partner wants a certain look for their website, we can also provide that for them. We can implement everything very quickly. Of course, we included layouts for different regions where customers require an alternative design.”

“All betting websites have almost identical designs and layouts,” he continued. “The reason behind this is a simple one – people are used to it. For every new customer, it’s easier for them if they can just click through to the page where they know they can place a bet, for example, instead of having to waste time getting to grips with a new layout. This is a feature we’re maintaining with the front end of our Sportsbook iFrame. It is similar to using email: regardless of whether you use Outlook or Gmail, you won’t struggle to find your inbox or sent mail if you switch provider because the overall design is always the same.”

In addition to revenue, Betinvest’s iFrame solution reduces the cost of running a betting business for its partners by 80% through its comprehensive back office. Commenting on the potential behind ‘plug-and-play’, Valentyn Kyrylenko, who project managed the entire solution from the ground up, concluded: “With our Sportsbook iFrame, clients will be able to change the content; pause or cancel events; manage their high-risk and VIP customers; group customers; conduct marketing; create and award bonuses; alter the advertising settings; create reports and income charts; and favourite certain sports. Our clients can manage a lot of things through this back office. This removes the need to call us and ask us to do things for them and what’s more, operators can also change the frontend design. We give them control. No one else in the industry does this.”

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