Betting Genesis: Betinvest to unveil genius creation to ICE London

Betting Genesis betinvest

As the international gaming industry continues to develop and emerging markets deliver new audiences for operators across the globe, the potential opportunities for new betting companies grow apace. In light of this the award-winning gaming solutions provider, Betinvest, has developed its latest venture – Betting Genesis – delivering all the necessary expertise and resources a gaming startup could need which it will unveil at this year’s ICE London.

Commenting on the company’s new vision, Valentyn Kyrylenko, Head of B2B at Betinvest, explained: “We’re excited to present our latest creation, Betting Genesis, at ICE London 2019, and will be implementing it throughout the upcoming year. It underlines what our company’s all about – we know what is needed to successfully start a betting business and we have all the necessary resources and experience to create and develop one in any region. Following its debut at the exhibition, our team is looking forward to sharing their expertise with newcomers looking to enter the gambling industry.”

“On top of this, we are also making some internal changes which will benefit our existing partners,” he continued. “We are already benefiting from the results of our new Customer Success Management department. In addition, we have the ultimate goal of developing a variety of documents, training programmes and tutorials to help our partners with the operation of their businesses and to increase their profits. It is worth noting that we offer a number of functional solutions for both B2B partners and their players. Maintaining a client-centred approach continues to be a priority for us.”

Betinvest is currently in the final stage of preparations for ICE London, which began in the summer of 2018, demonstrating the company’s belief in the importance of communicating its vision to the industry. “This is the biggest event for the industry and the best opportunity to discover all the latest innovations,” Kyrylenko stated. “We have already decided upon the design and layout of our stand, the different zones we will have, our goals for the exhibition and the roles of each of our team members. We are taking a team of about 40 people to the exhibition and we plan to visit lots of networking events and explore everything that ICE London and Clarion Events have to offer. We’re sure that visitors to our stand will not be disappointed!”

Clarion Events has acknowledged that the growth of ICE London 2019 has, at least in part, been driven by Sportsbook and iGaming companies following the Supreme Court’s repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), something which Betinvest believes holds both potential issues and opportunities. Commenting on the North American sports betting industry, Kyrylenko explained: “Of course, a market as large and as profitable as that of the US is of interest to every business owner, but there are a number of factors which can make it difficult to enter the US market. Some betting providers and operators may face difficulties, such as: completely different markets and sports to those they are used to; a lack of understanding of local regulations; and legislative risks. Nonetheless, operating in the US market is still very attractive to many providers and operators – despite the fact that it is totally different and requires a lot of investment, it is a great opportunity.”

“As an already established brand across these sectors, the key to our success lies in the stability and flexibility of our platform,” he continued. “In addition, we have an extensive product line of gambling related technology solutions and are constantly improving our customer service. Thanks to our efforts in these areas, our partners often recommend us to others. Furthermore, we’ve increased our marketing budget for 2019 and devised a number of new marketing strategies which will enable us to attract new partners by taking advantage of new technologies.”

Betinvest employs more than 260 IT specialists to develop its pioneering sportsbook and iGaming software, delivering fast and safe services to operators and traders across the globe. The company is therefore continually focused on the upcoming trends in the industry heralded by their popularity on the ICE London showfloor. Discussing the company’s belief in which technological advances will be big in 2019, Kyrylenko said: “First of all, we expect the tendency towards mobile gambling to continue in 2019, and probably for many years to come. Technology is forever improving and many players are finding that mobile gambling is more convenient for them. Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives – at present, over 50% of industry revenue comes from mobile devices. Furthermore, mobile gambling will attract a new generation of players, which is important for industry growth. This trend has also been proven by the increasing number of payment methods that are being made compatible with mobile applications.”

He concluded: “Another growing trend is the development of e-Sports and betting on e-Sports tournaments. The e-Sport generation has grown up and created new demand. In response to the rapid growth of e-Sports, we have set a target to develop a new e-Sports betting platform. Finally, we predict that Virtual Reality could become a new way to play games and could be the next logical step for the gambling industry.”

Betinvest will be unveiling Betting Genesis alongside its full portfolio sports betting solutions from stand S2-324 at ICE London 2019. For more information or to contact the company, visit: