BMM Testlabs confirmed as official sponsors of the Brazilian Gaming Congress

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Leading test laboratory BMM Testlabs confirmed as sponsors of the Brazilian Gaming Congress in Sao Paulo this week.


[dropcap]B[/dropcap]MM Testlabs has announced it will be an official sponsor of the Brazilian Gaming Congress (BGC) in Sao Paulo 20-22 November, 2016.

This year’s BGC follows a recently approved gambling bill by the Senate’s Special Committee on National Development, which seeks to establish a legislative structure for a variety of gaming in the region, and Brazil is expected to make a final decision on this bill shortly.

Commenting on the company’s sponsorship of the Brazilian event and the potential for the region to become one of the largest gaming markets in the world, Marzia Turrini, BMM’s SVP Southern Europe & South America, said: “BMM intends to play a crucial role in the extraordinary re-birth of the gaming industry that is taking place in Brazil. Our participation and support for the Brazilian Gaming Congress is just the beginning of the active role we will play in the Brazilian Gaming sector. BMM’s global expertise means that we can provide up-to-date, independent and accurate regulatory support, while contributing to the economy with jobs for local people. We also look forward to forming strong partnerships with local businesses and institutions.”

Turrini will be speaking on the panel ‘Online vs. land-based regulation – pros and cons of consolidated regulation. Representing a consistent and unified industry voice as a means to quicker route to regulation’. This panel will be held on the 21st November at 2:15pm.

Turrini added, “BMM is very pleased to be able to support the future of gaming in Brazil through the Brazilian Gaming Congress. BMM experts will be will on hand to provide regulatory and compliance advice either during or after the event.”

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