BOSS. Gaming’s new boss talks big ‘firsts’ for the brand

BOSS. Gaming Jeff Letlat
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With more than a decade in the iGaming industry under his belt, Jeff Letlat is keen to meet new challenges head on in his new role as CEO of BOSS. Gaming Solutions. With experience managing 500 employees across more than 20 countries of the world, from Europe to Africa, Letlat discusses setting big goals for the company, the importance of brand visibility and his strong impetus for all things responsible…

As the new CEO, what attracted you to the company and in particular to their goals going forward?

It’s a pleasure for me to hold this appointment. BOSS. Gaming Solutions has great potential. From its team of experts and innovative approaches to its huge desire to become number one in the industry, this is a great challenge for me and it’s so attractive to complete it.

With new regulatory changes and advances in technology it’s an exciting time for the industry, what are your plans for BOSS. over the coming months?

This industry has always wanted to evolve and be at the forefront of the latest technology. Being a supplier and at the same time an operator this means we are open to a wider competition and our goal is always to provide our customers & partners the best experience. In relation to this, now all our customers can benefit from our in-house omni-channel platform which includes sportsbook and Casino serving both online and land-based operations.

The importance of a Customer First strategy for the company is a key emphasis for you, can you explain a bit more about how you hope to deliver this across the brand?

I am thrilled to see customer centricity coming first in BOSS. Gaming Solutions. Customer centricity is not just about offering great customer service, it means offering a great experience from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process and finally through the post-purchase process. It’s a strategy that’s based on putting our customer first, and at the core of our business.

You have expressed strong concerns about Responsible Gaming and BOSS. Gaming’s customers, in terms of regulations do you feel enough can ever be enough and can it ever keep pace with an industry that’s powered by pioneering technology?

Yes, at BOSS. Gaming we take responsible gambling as a very serious subject and a cornerstone for our brand values. We are trying to innovate and be up to date with the modern solutions, so our customers can always enjoy the best that the technology has to offer. Regulations and pioneering technology are connected together and can’t develop without each other. Sometimes regulations dictate which way technology should go and vice versa. In the modern gambling industry regulators and industry professionals have to work very closely to define what is enough and what damages customers and businesses.

How are you hoping to strike a balance between responsible gambling and driving revenue?

The best way to demonstrate a balance between revenue and raising standards of responsible gambling is a genuine and public commitment that doesn’t contravene your business’ social responsibilities. We want to ensure that any time spent with us stays enjoyable. As I mentioned we use gamification and special bonus system, create recognizable characters, which motivate our players to stay tuned. Activity and engagement mean revenue for us. However, a key area of social responsibility is customer interaction. It’s about identifying a player who is at risk of harm and interacting with them to reduce that risk. Of course we are giving a special attention to several major problems: underage gambling prevention, self-exclusion option etc. BOSS. Gaming Solutions has a professional risk management and 24/7 customer support team to control the process so it’s definitely at the forefront of our strategy.

With reference to social responsibility, in what areas do you think the industry is succeeding and where is it failing?

The industry is still not perfect. We still see underage gambling and gambling addiction which goes out of control. Some businesses are not fair with clients and disrespect their rights. From the other side gambling becomes more innovative: new products and technologies allow to solve problems, monitor industry and make changes. This is what we do now: implementing new mechanics to make gambling a responsible, friendly form of entertainment and break stereotypes about its social danger.

What are your key business goals for BOSS. Gaming in your first year as CEO?

One of the most necessary things is to set big goals that inspire and motivate your team. Established communication is one of the most important features of a good leader, so I try to help my team make good decisions on achieving their goals. We discuss everything together and I implement my own goals as CEO to the general business strategy. For now our main task is to make BOSS. Gaming Solutions a recognisable and admired brand in the gambling industry. We test new features, involve new experts in the team and establish new connections by visiting conferences and making partnerships online and offline. New, innovative, breaking stereotypes, impressive – my aim is to make BOSS. Gaming Solutions to connote with these words.

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