Brazil rolls out legislation to block payments to offshore gambling sites

block Ciro Nogueira
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A new initiative by Brazilian senators aims to block residents from playing at online casinos based outside of the country.


Senator Ciro Nogueira, recently introduced PLS 213/2017, which aims to close a loophole in Brazil’s existing gambling regulations that makes it possible for local players to wager money on international websites.

The lawmaker has cited studies which state that Brazilians spend R$3bn (approximately $950m) on iGaming activities per year.

“There is a legal vacuum,” explained Nogueira. “Gambling is prohibited in our country, but this does not prevent gamblers from spending their money on online gambling sites operated by companies based in other countries.”

Under Nogueira’s bill, Brazil’s Central Bank will have to craft rules and mechanisms for preventing Brazil-based gambling customers from using their debit and credit cards as well as other means for electronic payments to gamble on offshore websites.

The legislation states that it supports the legalisation and regulation of online gambling, but at the same time acknowledges that progress on legalising gaming has stalled in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

It is yet to be seen whether Nogueira’s bill, inspired by the US’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Act and co-sponsored by senator Roberto Requião, will gain the necessary momentum to be enacted.  

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