Brazil legislation hastened by Rousseff’s departure?

Brazil Michel Temer
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The government of Brazil has continued to make sounds that it is moving towards the legalisation of casinos and other regulated gaming activities, with the country’s minister for tourism publicly stating that the new interim leader supports the bid to pass gambling legislation.

“The idea is to legalise all kinds of gaming,” stated minister Henrique Alves. “Today’s gaming is carried out illegally and without generating any benefit to the state.”

Alves’ declaration is the first of its kind since both the Brazilian congress and senate voted to impeach former president Dilma Rousseff, amid claims that she fudged budgetary statistics in order to maintain spending prior to her re-election two years ago. The vice president, Michel Temer (pictured), will now serve as acting president whilst the senate decides if Rousseff is to be permanently removed from office, or reinstated. If convicted of the charges levelled at her, Temer will serve the remainder of her term in office. In that instance, several local sources (including Alves) have claimed that the passage of gaming legislation would be expedited – citing Temer’s support for the move.

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