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TCSJOHNHUXLEY lights up Las Vegas Casinos with Saturn Glo & Roulette Blaze

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has reported the recent installation of its latest innovation, the SaturnTM Glo roulette wheel into two Las Vegas casinos.

First unveiled at G2E 2016, the SaturnTM Glo incorporates the same cutting-edge features as the acclaimed Saturn™ roulette wheel, but with the addition of LED technology providing in-rim lighting colour changes according to what’s happening in the game. Saturn™ Glo can be programmed to indicate game status and features an exciting array of attract modes in a variety of colors.

John Fort – Vice President of Table Games, Tropicana Las Vegas, stated: “We were really excited to be the first property in Las Vegas to install the Saturn Glo wheel. These eye-catching additions have proved to be very popular with players and staff alike. We’re delighted with them – they’re great and everybody loves them!”

The Plaza Hotel and Casino also chose Saturn™ Glo wheels and achieved another first by combining them with Blaze Roulette tables, becoming the first casino in Las Vegas to install this new innovation. TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Blaze LED surface technology uses patented technology to deliver flexibility, reliability and graphic capabilities like never before. Using energy efficient LED lights that are fitted below the surface of the gaming table, Blaze displays unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations, while also highlighting winning numbers. When combined with the Saturn™ Glo wheel, players have even greater visibility to see each stage of the game with text prompts on the layout such as ‘Place your bets’, ‘Finish Betting’ and ‘No More Bets’ that are also highlighted on the game grid with the same color changes shown on the wheel.

LaTicia Carter, Ambassador Training Manager, The Plaza Hotel and Casino commented, “We are delighted with the visual impact that the Saturn™ Glo wheels and Roulette Blaze tables have made to the gaming floor. Players are immediately attracted to the LED lights and color changing sequences, and love how easy it is to see every stage of the game.”

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