C3 Gaming launches, offers free data service

C3 Gaming consultancy Andrew Klebanow
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Veteran gaming and hospitality consultants announce the formation of Casino Consultants Consortium known as C3 Gaming.


C3 Gaming is a network that brings together a diverse group of experienced consultants from across the globe, with skills in a wide variety of specialised disciplines. C3 Gaming provides casino companies with the most appropriate team of experts to solve their unique business problems.

“It is simply not feasible for a single consulting company to employ such a diverse group of experts with experience in so many disciplines. This network brings together nearly two dozen independent consultants that can be combined to form teams of experts to address a wide variety of issues, including traditional feasibility studies, operational reviews, table game integrity, database analysis, and financial forecasting as well as emerging disciplines such as online wagering and social gaming,” said Andrew Klebanow, cofounder and senior advisor to C3 Gaming.

The pandemic has created new challenges. With international travel still curtailed, it is nearly impossible to deploy a team of experts to travel internationally. C3 Gaming overcomes this challenge by bringing together consultants from Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America.

The company is also launching a free data service to provide the gaming and hospitality industries with timely, accurate, and robust data reporting. Users can sign up for free and gain access to a monthly report that tracks key performance data for the US commercial gaming market by state including slot, table, online gaming, and sports betting data.

This monthly report combines each jurisdiction’s raw data with C3 Gaming’s proprietary research and analysis to effectively compare and benchmark each state. Users also benefit from a downloadable Excel file that contains supporting data by month for each property or region.

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