Casino Campione reaffirms commitment to SC Advance

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With nearly all 816 slots at Casino Campione utilising SC Advance, the venue has recently signed a long-term Preferred Partnership Agreement with CPI.

Italy’s Casino Campione has reaffirmed its long-standing commitment to CPI’s SC Advance by signing a Preferred Partnership Agreement with the company.

“This agreement means a great deal to CPI, and I’d like to thank the entire team at Casino Campione for their continued loyalty,” commented Anette Jauch, CPI sales director for EMEA. “It is clear that casino management sees the benefits associated with signing a Preferred Partnership Agreement. Among other perks, we include extended technical training to empower and further enrich their technical team. It’s mutually rewarding for both of us.”

The bill validator is typically a player’s first point of contact at the game and for casino operators, it is critical that bill validators can reliably accept authentic banknotes on the first pass each and every time.

How well a bill validator works makes a direct impact on the player experience and, ultimately, an operator’s potential to earn revenue.

“We are very pleased with the consistent quality of the SC Advance,” said Gianfranco Anfossi, slots manager at Casino Campione. “The excellent first-time acceptance rate remains high day after day, week after week, and indeed year after year. The product has proven itself continuously, and it is our pleasure to sign this agreement with CPI. The support they offer to us is excellent on the rare occasion we have needed their assistance.”
The management at Casino Campione first turned to CPI after a successful value-added trial proved that SC bill validators offered superior performance to those already in use on the gaming floor. Today, nearly all 816 slots at the property are equipped with SC Advance.

“Put simply, our experience shows that CPI offers the best product with excellent service to match – and now, with the added benefits our Preferred Partnership Agreement, we are well-equipped for the future and confident that our players can continue to enjoy the best bill acceptance in the market,” Anfossi concluded.

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