Casino de la Vallee signs long-term partnership with CPI

SC Advance
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Casino de la Vallee has signed a long-term Preferred Partnership Agreement with CPI, under which the Italian operator will continue to specify the SC Advance note acceptor for all its new and replacement slot machines.

Also known as Casino Saint Vincent, Casino de la Vallee, first began using SC note acceptors from CPI back in June 2008.
“Our previous note acceptors were very sensitive to dirt,” said Ezio Diemoz, slot manager at Casino de la Vallee. “They simply couldn’t perform in our smoking room without jamming and rejecting notes, and the player experience was really suffering.
“When we switched to CPI, though, we finally got the great acceptance we were looking for.”
Many customers who have switched to CPI have reported similar performance issues with their previous note acceptors, especially in challenging operating environments like smoking rooms.
“The SC note acceptors run like clockwork even when our smoking room is at maximum occupancy,” Diemoz added. “Now we’re getting the highest level of performance across our entire floor, and our players are happier than ever.”
SC Advance was specifically created to resolve these kind of challenges. Incorporating with highly engineered mechanics and advanced sensing technology, SC Advance takes performance to the next level, delivering the industry’s highest acceptance rate for street grade notes, even those that are dirty, damp, crinkled or torn.
With its expansive memory and leading-edge security algorithms, SC Advance meets even the highest demands for reliability and fraud protection.
“For nine years now, we have been asking slot suppliers to fit CPI into our machines” continued Diemoz. “Signing the Preferred Partnership Agreement is important to us as it formalises an already well-established procedure.
“Now, we look forward to many more years of excellent products and service from CPI. That being said, we warmly recommend the SC Advance. It stands out as by far the most reliable and easy-to-maintain note acceptor in the market.”

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