Protestors call for reopening Casino di Campione a year after closure

Casino di Campione
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Marking a year since the closure of Casino di Campione, former members of staff and local politicians took to the streets of the Italian exclave in July repeating calls for political intervention to reopen the gaming venue.


The closure of the property last year threatens to undermine the local economy of the 2000-inhabitant comune, surrounded by the Swiss canton of Ticino.

“Campione d’Italia is the only remaining Italian enclave and has no chance of real recovery without the reopening of the casino,” said CGIL union leader Paolo Bortoluzzi. “We need some serious political intervention given that the livelihoods of hundreds of Italian families are at risk.”

Extraordinary commissioner Maurizio Bruschi recently presented a report to the Ministry of the Interior, outlining the steps which could be taken to reopen the venue, while four companies are said to have made proposals to take over operations of the casino.

However, due to regulatory issues and ongoing litigation the road to a reopening still remains unclear.

“I express all my solidarity in a year of total disinterest on the part of the national government. Campione has lost hope in the judiciary and in the government itself, but it has not lost its dignity,” said Brothers of Italy (FdI) deputy Alessio Butti.

Meanwhile, given the dissolution of Italy’s governing coalition between the Five Star Movement and Northern League, and with the possibility of fresh elections on the horizon, it seems unlikely that the issue will be resolved in the near future.

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