Casino hosts Namibia-China business showcase

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The Namibian minister of land reform, Utoni Nujoma, has urged the nation’s entrepreneurs to make the most of the opportunities presented by an increase in cooperation between China and Africa.


Speaking at a Chinese new year celebration held at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino the minister addressed a delegation of government officials, business leaders, and international investors.

“I would like to urge Chinese business entrepreneurs residing in Namibia, as well as our own entrepreneurs, to work together in a win-win cooperation.

“Let’s work together in order to develop our country. Namibia can benefit from the technological advances made by China. Let’s learn from their culture, discipline of hard work, and we can drive maximum benefit,” Nujoma said.

The increasing business cooperation between African and China comes hand in hand with an increased visibility of the continent as a fertile investment space.

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