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Casino Review - Casino Technology Board of Members Directors
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Casino Technology continues its plans for international market growth in 2017 with two new appointments on its board of directors.


The gaming equipment manufacturer, Casino Technology, has confirmed two new promotions to its Members of the Board of Directors in line with its growth plans for 2017.

Long term employees of the company, Georgi Koprinarov, General Manager Latin America, and Ivaylo Markov, Director Vendors Relations and Procurement, have both been promoted to the board expanding the company’s high level management team.

Georgi Koprinarov has been with the company since 2007 and last year he was appointed as a Manager for Casino Technology’s Latin American operation, including oversight of the other regional markets and offices. Now, as a Member of the Board of Directors, Georgi Koprinarov claims he is ready to further execute successfully the corporate strategies that will drive the growth plans of the Company.

The Vice President of Casino Technology, Rossi McKee, who oversees the North and South American markets commented: “Koprinarov proved his commitment and professionalism during the time I worked with him. He has not only strong professional expertise, but also personal traits that makes him a real leader. As Member of the Board of Directors he will leverage his diverse experience to help Casino Technology strengthen its already stable positions.”

Ivaylo Markov joined Casino Technology back in 2005 and made his way up from a warehouse manager, to the recent appointment as a Director of Vendors Relations and Procurement. Now, in the new role as a Member of the Board of Directors, the company claims he will focus on delivering the best and most effective solutions and help the strategic positioning and growth of the company.

“With his new responsibilities within the company, Markov will offer a new prospective to the Board that is critical for the quality and reliability of the products and will help with directions that will streamline the supply chain to deliver the most effective solutions and support the customer satisfaction”, said Milo Borissov, President, Founder and CEO of Casino Technology.

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