Casino Technology’s CMS Rhino ‘further diversifies the bottom line’

Rhino - Casino Technology
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Casino Technology has announced its Rhino Casino Management System is now “enriched with even more functionalities to diversify and increase your bottom line”. The firm says the “promotion opportunities are enhanced with more options” by the newly added Happy Hour and Money Back promotions.

Giving additional rewards in specific period of time, the Happy Hour promotion is an extra tool for the casino managers to keep the clients interest, thus “ensuring they will spend more time on the device for better results”. Requiring a certain bet in a fixed period of time, Happy Hour is and excellent way to reward and get the best out of the players stay in the location. The company says the new functionality of Rhino is a “powerful instrument” to increase the motivation for more play, more visits helping push towards greater revenue.

Radka Alekova, Business Development CMS at Casino Technology said: “As Rhino was created to enable the easy real-time decision making on casino floor issues, we are constantly improving its functionalities to simplify the dynamic environment into an easy interpretable data. We provide the needed tools that are vital for management and for getting even better results”.

The promotion module of the system has a Money Back promotion that provides an option for crafting a priorly set bonus, based on a certain percentage of the clients lost amounts in previous periods. Considered as a “bet without fear opportunity”, the new functionality is “amongst the best options” the operators could offer to their clients, encouraging customers to play the game with a notion of reduced risk. The promotion is supporting SMS notifications to give more interaction with the clients.

Casino Technology has added a Bill Clearance functionality to the Accounting Module of Rhino Casino Management System providing information about the actual bill stacker status and the amount of money inside the slot machine. “The bill count is precise, as all operations such as current bills in the slot machines, comparison of the manually added amounts with the amounts that are reported automatically as well as the manually added bills are supported by a report, send to the Accounting Module where it is visible and easy to track,” said a company spokesman.

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