Casino Technology unveils COMBO™ concept at ICE

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With a reputation for industry firsts, Casino Technology chose to launch its patented COMBO™ concept in London.


A unique concept for OMNICHANNEL delivery through the patented COMBO™ concept was unveiled by Casino Technology at ICE 2017.

The COMBO™ concept, seen in both TOWER COMBO™ and EZ MODULO™, were amongst the most talked about technology innovations at the show.

A company spokesperson said: “Both the smooth integration and implementation of the synced landbased and online gaming capability in one gaming unit, riveted the attention of even the most conservative operators, who saw the real opportunity and value to use the COMBO™ concept to expand the customer reach and engage the customer even outside of the casino.

“The sophisticated implementation in the distinct looking TOWER COMBO™ slant top with vertical 4K curved display, which was introduced for a first time with a multigame set of 40 games, was the ultimate winner at the show, securing the attention of many operators. EZ MODULO™, with a multigame set of 60 full HD games, also part of the COMBO™ presentation, was admired by many for its modern and convertible modular design concept complemented by the SPEED KING™ multigame with 60 high definition games. EZ MODULO™ with SPEED KING™ was promoted and received as one of the best video slot products at ICE.”

The spokesperson added: “Along with the new premiering slot machines, the premium product of Casino Technology, the one-of-a-kind – ARCH™ slot machine, was at center stage at ICE 2017. ARCH™ and enjoyed tremendous success in 2016 and became a trendsetter as a first in the gaming industry-a slot machine with horizontally curved 42” full HD display. The unique ARCH™ this year was again among the most admired and unique premier slot products at ICE, and its popularity seemed to be unaffected by the competitors models following the ARCH™ concept. ARCH™ will soon have an even more impressive successor with the  advent of grand ARCH TITAN™, which was shown only to selected customers as a  an pre premiere launch. With the unique, novelty portfolio of products Casino Technology proved one more time its pioneering approach and unsurpassed passion to be distinctly innovative and its ability make a difference in the industry.”

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