Casino Technology Caribbean presence with EZ Modulo


Casino Technology has completed its most recent EZ MODULO slot machines rollout, this time growing its presence in the Caribbean market.

The units are proving to be firm favourites throughout the region with its 40-title offering through the Speed King multi game.

The most recent unit placement is at the Casino Royale site, the largest gaming location on the island of Sint Maarten. The location counts over 21,000 square-feet of gaming floor with 22 tables and 400 slot machines. It is the next in the row of successful placements of Casino Technology‘s machines in the region, following Jamaica, Suriname, and others.

Morné Keys, Technical Director at Casino Royal in Sint Maarten commented: “Since the installations took place a couple of weeks ago, players have shown great interest to EZ MODULO and the exciting games, included in SPEED KING game package. We are happy to have the contemporary slot machines in our location thus achieving even better diversification and combination of games that help us entertain a wider spectrum of players”.

Designed and carefully selected for maximum player satisfaction and operator results, EZ MODULO with SPEED KING have once more proven successful by showing excellent results in the first weeks after installation.

Martin Ivanov, business development North America and Caribbean Region at Casino Technology said: “The modern convertible modular design concept of EZ MODULO with two full HD 27” monitors, built-in touch screen of the main monitor and 21.5” topper, combined with convenient game selector, makes them a must have asset for operators willing to maintain a contemporary gaming floor environment.”