Casino Technology’s solutions provoke ‘huge interest’ at ICE 2018 day one

casino technology ice 2018
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Casino Technology’s innovative solutions provoked ‘huge interest’ amongst customers and visitors at ICE Totally Gaming 2018, the company said in a statement.


The comprehensive presentation is a result of the collaborative efforts within the gaming company. All customers and partners were greeted and treated to the unique Casino Technology’s gaming experience.

Their enquiries were answered and all requirements were clarified by the company’s product experts and managers, responsible for the various industry markets and segments.

Rossi McKee, vice-president of Casino Technology commented: “The offered portfolio of products is intended for operators globally, anticipating multitude of new installations after the show. Following our vision and strategy we are committed to deliver unique gaming experience with the firm intent to make a difference and move successfully ahead to our new milestone – the 20th anniversary of the company.”

Casino Technology made a strong statement at ICE with the EZ MODULO™ winning series of slot machines. The successful product line is showcased in several versions – with two 27” monitors and 24” optional topper and with two 32” monitors with modular video signage for easy customization for different floors.

A new arrival in the luxury line of the slot machines was launched especially for the trade show.  The new slant top machine is with exquisite design, advanced ergonomic characteristics and provides excellent players comfort. The EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines are offered with the new game package of six titles GORILLA WHEEL™ with entirely new concept of 4-level progressive symbol driven jackpot. The EZ MODULO™ product line is available as well with the SPEED KING™ multigame, offered with 20 to 60 games, depending on operators needs and request.

A new game mix is offered with the TOWER™ slant top as well. The TOWER 102™ and TOWER 103™ is a continuation of the successful TOWER 101™ multi-game that has showed excellent results on floors in Europe and Latin America. The eye-catching graphics of the game pack attracts as a magnet on the bright 43” monitor with 4K resolution of TOWER Slant Top™.

In the premium segment is the ARCH Titan™, combining 42” horizontally curved full HD main monitor and 42” vertically curved top box for jackpot accumulations, which adds a boutique touch in any casino. The slot machine is complemented by multilevel progressive games.

Its predecessor – the Casino Technology’s premium machine ARCH™, is offered with the extended full HD dedicated game pack – GAMOPOLIS ARCH™ now with 60 titles.

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