Casino Technology to bring portfolio for all channel gaming delivery at ICE  

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Innovate. Inspire. Make it happen. Under this motto Casino Technology showcases during ICE 2018, releasing a strong portfolio of novelty multigame packages, latest versions of successful and new slot products and extended system solutions for land-based and online gaming.


Emphasising on its core strength – the innovative concepts and performing content – the company highlights its latest innovative quests in a strong product presentation.

The new multilevel progressive multigame with six game titles – GORILLA WHEEL™, offers an entirely new concept of 4-level progressive symbol driven jackpot and is offered with the latest EZ MODULO™ slot machine releases, presented in two different configurations – the 2017 year version with 27” HD monitors and the newly released enhanced version is with 32” HD monitors.

A new arrival in the luxury segment of the product line will be launched especially at ICE 2018.

All of the EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines will be offered as well with the winning SPEED KING™ multigame package, released last year and already ranked amongst the top performers.

As a continuation of the successful launch of the TOWER™ slant top with vertically curved monitor and TOWER 101™ multigame, is presented the new game mix – TOWER 102™ – a promising successor of the already very popular first release. The machine is amongst the top choices on markets in Europe and Latin America, showing excellent results. Those unique game sets cannot be missed on the casino floor with their eye-catching graphics displayed on the bright 43” monitor with 4K resolution of TOWER Slant Top™.

In the premium segment will be showcased the unique, one-of-a-kind, luxurious and prominent slot machine – ARCH Titan™. The successful predecessor of TITAN™ – the premium slot machine ARCH™ with 42” horizontal curved monitor, is offered with the extended full HD dedicated multigame packs – GAMOPOLIS ARCH™ with 20, 40 and 60 game titles.  

Casino Technology Interactive makes a strong statement at ICE 2018 presenting the latest solutions in the field. The fully upgraded LEOPARD™ Online Platform, launched on the market recently and having excellent feedback from customers, is at the center stage. Regarding the game content – over 100 HTML5 titles are available and will be showcased through the ELEPHANT™ Remote Game Server. Both system solutions are part of the BIG 5™ seamless suite, that now is with additional functionalities and options, enhancing the operators opportunities to create omni channel gaming delivery.

The upgraded with new modules and functionalities RHINO™ Casino Management System and the BUFFALO™ Universal Jackpot System are to be seen as well at the special Systems` corner at the company’s stand.


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