Casino Technology reveals new game packs at BEGE Expo

casino technology bege
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Casino Technology has revealed a bundle of brand new game packs at the 10th anniversary edition of BEGE Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Always striving to provide innovations with personalised approach, the company developed and releases a new game package GORILLA WHEEL™, including six titles with advanced and original multilevel progressive jackpot. The GORILLA WHEEL™ is a reflection of the latest company’s conceptual quests.

Moreover, the very successful game pack that was designed to be consistеnt with the preferences of the industry in Eastern Europe and the Balkans – TOWER 101™ has been continued and at BEGE Expo the latest release will be presented by the name of TOWER 102™. It includes even more unique games. Both game sets are offered with the TOWER Slant Top™ slot machine.

Casino Technology’s hit multigame – the SPEED KING™ will be showcased with the contemporary slot machine EZ MODULO™. It is an entirely new game pack with 60 HD titles with high quality graphics, developed especially for the game set. The SPEED KING™ consists of 30 globally renown and preferred titles of Casino Technology and 30 conceptually new games.

A new version of the bestselling and loved by the players winning game mix GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ is underway, ready to be deployed at gaming floors.

“After the success of the first series of 70 to 73, now GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ 74 will speed up with enhanced performance andmore exciting gaming features”, said Biser Bojanov, regional director for Bulgaria at Casino Technology. The new game pack offers an opportunity to enhance the performance of the thousands of Casino Technology’s classic cabinets of AURORA™, installed in locations all over the world.

Last but not least, more than 100 of the most played and sought after Casino Technology’s titles in HTML5 will be presented through the ELEPHANT™ Remote Game Server. The ELEPHANT™ is part of the BIG 5™ suite of systems that will be showed at a special online hub on the company’s stand 3.11.


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