Casino Technology marks 20 years in business with lavish party

casino technology party
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Casino Technology marked it’s 20th anniversary with a spectacular party and the support of close to 350 attendees from around the world.

Casino Technology has marked 20 years in business with an anniversary party that brought together more than 350 attendees from around the globe.

“We are thankful of the support of our partners and clients. A constant strive for innovations, focused on customers’ needs and offering the best of breed solutions will be the driving forces behind our company going ahead. With the global and industry changes our company will step into the 2020 with a new vision and brand name, reflecting the new trends in the interactive and more versatile technology era”, said Milo Borissov, founder, president and CEO of Casino Technology

VIP guests and representatives from many local and international casino operators and companies attended the Anniversary event that took place in a luxury five-star hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, the company’s headquarter home town.

“Having the trust and loyalty of our customers, Casino Technology will continue ahead focused on being close to their needs and trending the product supply focused on the new generation of players.” continued Borissov.  

“Number of factors played crucial role to our success, but one of the most important is our team, the people working for our company, who are critical for our success and we are thankful for that. We focus on understanding our customer needs and the most important is the customer-centric philosophy that has always been the company’s guiding light”, commented Rossi McKee, vice president of Casino Technology

Milo Borissov, founder, president and CEO of Casino Technology explained: “Spending years on building up trust and loyalty with customers, Casino Technology and its team has always been focused on being close to its clients and partners in every way.”

With local offices and distributorship in more than 20 countries in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and Asia, Casino Technology’s team is always trying to be close to the markets and its customers.

The company continues to create great gaming experiences through its commitment to excellence and innovation. A dedicated team of hundreds of developers, engineers, mathematicians and designers provide next generation of gaming experience with innovative and performing solutions, well positioned and recognised in more than 50 jurisdictions. 

“The ability to adapt quickly, be flexible and be on top of the new trends, allow us to stay tuned with the constantly changing environment. We trust that working together with the customers is the formula to success for all parties, because our path is the same.”

Concluded Borissov underlying that it is best articulated with the company’s popular motto “We make it together”.

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